February 1, 2013

Blog Year-in-Review: 2012 Favorites

Posted by Ethne~

Going through a few 2011 posts the other day, I realized that Lori and I never did a 2012 post favorites summary like I did for 2011 here.

Hey you, read my s**t.

So I went through my favorite 2012 Ethne posts and here they are.  In no particular order, it was pretty much all about laughter, which mostly included laughing at myself, frequently *inferred* cuss words, and generally involved time with the hubby and the kids.  Lori and I didn’t post as much in 2012 as in 2011, but we have a new goal for 2013, so you should see more of us in these parts, get on back here; even better, become a follower and you’ll be the first to receive our posts.  And seriously, who doesn’t want to know the next time I carve swear words into bananas?  You, that’s who.

Our bananas just went downhill from here.

These are my favorites, in no particular order except at the end:
1.  I loved me some good food.  Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes; Praline Cheesecake Bites; Vegetable Sushi Rolls; Reuben Sandwiches, Homemade Popsicles; Girls Trip ’12 Food; and the genius Pink Ombre Baby Shower Cake (with buttercream frosting) I made for Slags.

'Joyce Tomatoes' are a Girls Trip food STAPLE - we gave them a twist this year.

2.  I loved even more when I made family favorite foods.  Teresa’s mom’s recipe for Slushburgers and Pickles; and our family recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes.

My requested birthday meal.

3.  I especially loved a few of the crafts and activities I did, mostly for the kids, but a few for me: Cork Necklace; Teensy Bead Angels; Summer Pinterest Challenge, Part 1; my DIY Bedroom Furniture Makeover; and the Teensy Acorn Owls I made for Slags’ Baby Shower.

Teensy bead angel
Teensy acorn owl - see a theme of miniatures?  We gave one of these to John and Sherry Petersik of YoungHouseLove

4.  I loved when I went to Michigan to visit family.  I talked about my cousin’s wedding and the wedding cake my Aunt Pam made here and here.

Traditional Cousin Picture - lined up by age, as we have done since childhood - now spouses added.

5.  There was some miscellaneous awesomeness such as when my sis Mel Organized My Bathroom; when I was Queen for a Day;  when my sis Whit and I had a 4th of July Beauty Marathon; when the girls and I made Fairy Gardens; and our sneaky Christmas Elf on the Shelf, Lyle.

Celebrity Make-up Artist, Kalina Fernandez, did MY make-up!!!!

6.  I loved when Grizz’s Baby L was born (Oct. 26) and Slags’ Baby N was born (Jan 3, 2013, but that’s close enough).  [Baby N is doing FAB-U-LOUS by the way.  And Baby L is super sassy.]
I made that headband - adorable.  Look at that pucker!
She is a mini of her momma
L is a mini of her daddy - with a little momma sprinkled here and there

Patricia Krentcil - pretty much the best source of laughter there is.

I have cast Cam Gigandet for the role of Christian Grey.

8.  I loved how the girls’ 5th Vampire Birthday Party turned out.

I did not dress like this for the party.  I did this to a photo and you would not believe how long it took to get my fangs just right.

9.  My post called ‘Please Help a Stranger and Hug Your Kids’ was quite meaningful and one of my very favorites.  My dad said it brought a tear to his eye.
~and my top favorite post of 2012 is~
10.  ‘Mur-Man Almost Sneezed All Over YoungHouseLove because Lori and I (and our friend and follower Roxanne M.) went to meet our very favorite blog authors, John & Sherry Petersik, at their book signing here in big city, MN, in November, and when we posed for a picture with them, Mur-Man sneezed out a giant booger and it almost landed on John P.  Lori and I took a picture of it and laughed so hard as we wrote up that post that night.  By far the best.  Because we did it together.

I am not even lying.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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