November 20, 2012

Blogs Bring Tears to My Eyes

Posted by Ethne~

Friends, this is a week to be thankful, and let me tell you, I’m thankful for a lot.  Lor and I both are.  I’ll give you a little insight into that later this week.

But today, I’m thankful for some fun stuff, and it involves blogs.  I’ve discovered a few more blogs this year, and have had even more fun with one of our most favorite, younghouselove.  Even though we don’t really know John & Sherry from that blog, I have little mini vignettes of conversations with Sherry in the comments on their blog.  I smile and chuckle.  Here’s a sample from her post today where she wrote a really sweet post about how much she loves her husband, John, in honor of his birthday.  It’s totally worth a read, here.

And then I clicked over to one of my new favorites, the Pintester.  This lady, Sonja, tests the crazy and stupid things people have been pinning onto Pinterest.  It often involves her own substitutions and alcohol, which means she sets herself up for failings, and at a minimum great sarcasm and swearing.  I made a comment the other day to her Diet Coke cupcake post the other day and today she singled me out as the Pinteste of the week, here.  Let me tell you, GENIUS!

I couldn't do the full screen shot, but my full quote is at the top.  "Lives" is cut off.

It’s like I’m famous except no one even knows it because we’ve not gotten any extra traffic on the blog from it.  Oh well.  You guys are the ones who count!!

I hope you’ve gotten a chuckle, too, Friends.  If I elicit anymore feedback, I’ll be sure to let you know.  In the meantime, enjoy today’s offerings from yet another of my most recent blog discoveries, Pinterest You Are Drunk.  Admit it, you know you were thinking the same thing.

Sweet, right?  Here's the caption they gave it:  


Reagen said...

Kudos on your blogger connections guys! Along with YHL, you're the only other blog I read every single day =)

GG. said...

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