November 14, 2012


Posted by Ethne & Lori~

Lori and I are back to my house in big city suburb, MN, after our AMAZING adventure to meet our favorite bloggers, John and Sherry Petersik of younghouselove blog!!!  O.M.G. it was even better than expected!  We didn’t know what it would be like to meet the famous authors that we see each and every day (just not in person).  Now that we’ve had a minute to chat with them, we know that we’d totally riot together.

Going back 18 hours, Lori’s Amtrak train ride from biggish city, ND, to big city, MN, was a NIGHTMARE.  There were drunk people talking to Mur-Man, the train was 3 hours late, and they were stuck with no way to sleep anywhere – but Lori was on a mission.  She was getting here to see yhl no matter what!

Going on *three hours of sleep*, mission accomplished.  Lori and Mur-Man rolled into my house and waited for me to get home from work then we hauled down to West Elm store where their signing was held.  FORTUNATELY, our friend Roxanne (RM in yesterday’s post) was holding a spot for us in the immense book-signing line!!!  And she made arrangements with the super nice gals around her so we could meet up in line with her.  You rule, Roxanne!

West Elm served hot cocoa and cookies.  Mur-Man was about at wit’s end having had no sleep, but we were good mom and auntie and fed him Oreos too.  Then he and I looked around for Stanley, his Elf on the Shelf, till we made it up to John and Sherry in line.

Can we even say how odd it was to see them right in front of us?  And they were so friendly!  We each had a book for them to sign, OF COURSE, but then we brought Pinterest Challenge paint spun ornaments from last year for them to sign and we gave them gifts – one of the teeny little owls I made out of acorns, a buffalo stuffed animal for Clara, and Roxanne gave them a postcard with a cool artsy view of the big city skyline.

So as we were talking, Sherry said, “Ethne, I know you!  Aren’t you the co-author of the blog with “mom” in it?”  Holy cow!  She totally recognized me from my comments on their many posts – because Lor and I have been followers (and commenters) for years.  Finally, having a wacky name like Ethne pays off – it’s recognizable in a crowd!!!  Thanks Sherry, that was the coolest ever.

Signing our paint spun Christmas ornament!

As we posed for a picture with John & Sherry, Mur-Man sneezed (I was holding him) and shot a huge booger on me.  I nabbed it off my shirt with my finger and held it away from us all.  But, because it’s me, as we walked away, I couldn’t help but show John & Sherry the giant booger on my finger (they’re parents to a toddler, right?).  They probably were totally grossed out; Lori just rolled her eyes and we took a pic of the boog to commemorate.

What do you have for auntie, Mur-Man?
Full disclosure, Friends - but it doesn't need to be a large photo

Friends, it was awesome.  Lor, Roxanne and I are still just walking on air.  I haven’t even had a chance to read the book yet, except for the page where they signed it to me!!  We’re both exhausted, but I just don’t know how we’re going to get to sleep.  We’ll have to count the pillows Sherry has collected in their playroom, that oughta do it.

Lefse-making-marathon tomorrow night, so you won’t wanna miss that – we’ll see you soon. 

PS:  We should have known the people standing around Roxanne would be cool, since they were fellow bloggers: our new friends, Ellen and Becky from Ramblings from the Burbs.


Ellen said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was great to meet you last night while we all waited to have our books signed. I must say, his sneeze couldn't have been more perfectly timed. :)

Ethne @ Wom-Mom said...

No doubt!! And thanks for checking out the post! Ethne

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention! That sneeze story is hilarious. I can totally relate with a toddler myself. We are doing swim lessons together and he has decided that whenever he gets water up his nose he must blow his nose on my shoulder. Aggg...the things we put up with as mothers!

Roxanne M said...

Ethne and Lori!
It was such an amazing nite :) Thanks for the shout out. I was happy to wait in line.
I seriously can't wait for John and Sherry to write their next book so we can all hopefully see them again!

bethkryan said...

You guys have definitely gotten me hooked on Young House Love. Love it! Congrats on meeting that awesome family!