February 5, 2013

Hand-made Princess Hair Bows!

Posted by Ethne~

There’s nothing I love more than getting my girls all fancy-schmancy, and Shaun has decreed that I can't put make-up on them daily, sooooo sad.  Usually this means pink and frills, sans make-up (on weekends, I allow them to invade my make-up and put that on too.  SHAUN. COULD. DIE.)  Quite often, hair bows fit the bill.  I have found, however, that not just any old hair bows satisfy me anymore.  So I will, on occasion, make my own.

Ariel (L), Snow White (M), Sleeping Beauty (R) -- I made these.  No lie.

Remember here when I made Angry Bird hair bows for the girls for Mur-Man’s 2nd birthday party?  Super easy.

I also made this.  Honest.

Well, I found this pattern for making Princess hair bows.  If you follow her directions, you’ll get the general idea, but don’t just feel like you’re limited to the princesses she does!  I made Ariel for Easy Mac – I didn’t want to go with a tail version because I figured she’d want her princess to have a skirt like the others.  I made Snow White for KD, her long-time fave princess.  And I made Sleeping Beauty for Ava, the girls’ soon-to-be cousin.

It’s easy enough to tweak the pattern.  I looked at the DVD covers for the movies to see what my chosen princesses looked like, then I added ribbon detail, made long or short hair, gave Snow White her fancy collar, and for good measure, gave all three of them a teeny flower.

I chose these clips instead of the ones from the website - they stay on way better - available at JoAnn
Isn't my nail polish a pretty color?  Uh, I mean, see how nice the clip looks covered with that there ribbon?

One tweak: Sleeping Beauty has long hair and wears it down, unlike Cinderella

Sleeping Beauty from the back
Snow White getting her collar

The girls love them.  The project was really easy.  If you have a glue gun and basic materials, you’re golden.  Best gift for a little girl ever!  Perfect for Valentine's Day - you've got time!


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