October 28, 2012


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After what seems like forever, Baby L is finally here! 

Auntie Ethne is in love with little L!

She decided that she was not about to wait a whole ‘nother week till Grizz’s scheduled c-section on the 2nd of November.  Nope, she decided that October’s birthstone of pink tourmaline sounded better.  *I agree COMPLETELY*.  (In fact, it was the first thing I said when Slags called to tell me Grizz was in labor.)  And at 8lb 7oz, if she had grown any bigger, Grizz would've been so top-heavy she wouldn't have been able to walk!

The delivery went relatively well, and very fast, and Slags and I hoofed our way down to visit straight away on Saturday.  Oh, she’s beautiful!  We took loads of pictures and a video and sent it, live, to Steph since she couldn’t be there, and I called her to give her the run-down when we left.

Best Friends from the same block - we all ended up in big city, MN!

I helped Grizz try a few nursing positions, but little L kept wanting to fall asleep, so I sat that baby right up and we got her wide awake and looking around.  Perfect for picture time!  And then she ate a little more and took a good snooze.  Life is rough when you’re one day old!

What a perfect baby!  Look at those lips!!  And a perfect tiny arch of her eyebrows!!!

Grizz’s mom, Claire, had arrived from our hometown just an hour or so before we did, via Amtrak, and you could see she was walking on Cloud 9 – a little grandbaby!

I think baby feet are the cutest EVER!

Seeing Grizz and Corey with their little princess was a joy to behold.  I can’t wait to hold her again, and watch them as a family – at last!  Love you three! 

Steph thought Corey looked like McDreamy!
Let's play a game of 'Who does baby L look like?  Here's a pic of Grizz when she isn't all full of pregnancy hormones.  I think L has Grizz's nose for sure!

Even though you’re one of our most faithful followers, Grizz, now you’re not just a WOM, you’re a WOM-MOM!  Welcome to motherhood. :)

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