July 3, 2012

4th of July Beauty Marathon!

Posted by Ethne~

Oh my gosh!  The Fourth of July is here!  Happy Birthday America!  It could be that I’m really patriotic, or it could be that I love summer, or it could be that I totally love the smell of fireworks, but I’m pretty sure that Independence Day is my favorite holiday ever!

4th of July Parade in our big city suburb yesterday

We have an extra special reason to celebrate this year.  My bff Dot and her hubby FD welcomed their new little princess EMD, on July 2nd.  I am so thrilled!  They were shocked to bits that she came out a girl, but I really wasn’t at all.  I kinda had a hunch this one would be a girl.  Big brother MD doesn’t know what has hit him yet.  Shaun rolled his eyes at my enthusiasm at the hospital today as I was extolling my plans to shower baby E in pink and frills as soon as I knew what size to get her.

We just put the girls to bed and Whit is here having a sleepover, getting ready for our 24-hour Beauty Parlor 4th of July Marathon!  That’s right!  We will be testing out:

~Too Faced Royal Oil for luxuriously bronzing our legs

~Fireworks painted fingernails

~Too Faced Natural at Night make-up tutorial including Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Big Georgia Hair goes with this look perhaps?  Don't be offended - it's a compliment.

~Individual false lash application

~Review of the brand-new Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara reformulation 

~Since it is predicted to be 106º by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, we will try out Urban Decay’s De Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting-Spray.

Ok, I better get off this blog so we can get to our Beauty Parlor.  And yes, that’s what we’ve called it since we were kids.  “Hey, Eth, wanna play Beauty Parlor?”  “Sure, Whit!”

Stay Safe and Have Fun, Friends!!  

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