February 8, 2013


Posted by Lori~

This post is actually a 2-parter! 

First up, we needed a V-day card.  I am all about home-made valentines (not so much for Ethne).  But I am also all about EASY/QUICK HOMEMADE.

And this one is EASY AND QUICK and will cost next to nothing.

First up, I bought a package of the V-day heart candies with love statements on them.  I was specifically looking for a pack with the statement “you rock” on them…the outside said it did.  However, the inside did not—DISAPPOINTING!  Total cost:  $1.00!

Instead of throwing them out with DISGUST, I simply took food coloring and a toothpick and created my own “you rock” heart!

Next up, we had to convince Mur-Man to hold in teeth and not eat it. For a three-year-old, he did VERY GOOD.
I think it turned out cute.  I plan to print and attach to pop-rock candy, which I ordered from Oriental Trading for $16.00 for 50 pieces.

Also, last night was a BIG DAY…BECAUSE IT WAS HAIR-CUT DAY.  Mur-Man has a TON OF HAIR!  Steve and I both have lots, so I guess it is in his genes.  I am a HUGE FAN of boys with longish rocker hair, but it was getting a little out-of-control.

I hit Pinterest for some inspiration.


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