February 21, 2012

TUESDAYS AT NOON: Live Free or Twi-Hard!

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I’ve mentioned my love of Twilight once or twice on a regular basis.  More specifically, my love of Edward.  If a person has to have a fantasy husband, Edward totally fits the bill.  Shaun knows and accepts this.  I like to think that my devotion to the star-crossed lovers makes me a better wife.  Shaun likes to think that said devotion makes me more annoying.

My fantasy husband

I was inducted into my particular Twilight coven in January 2009.  I read the books in ten seconds flat.  Again and again and again.  My co-worker KS is the coven leader since she started it all.  Her friend RB introduced her to the Edward love-fest – that’s pretty much how the Twi-Hard mania has spread across the globe.

KS and real-life hubby in Hawaii Isle Esme

Interestingly, Lori has quietly admitted to me that she doesn’t get the whole Twilight hubbub.  In the name of our dear friendship, I have chosen to ignore her complete lack of sense on this subject.  My sister-in-law, Mel, also hasn’t read Twilight.  I think it’s just cuz she’s stubborn tho.


Fortunately, the remainder of my friends and family DO get Twilight.  Whit, my sister-in-law Heather, Thrifty Nana, my cousin Nicole – all of us are Team Edward devotees.  As in, I tapped my toe till the girls’ bedtime so I could get back to the stories.  And Nicole sits in her car in her driveway, listening to Twilight books on cd.  And KS went in to work on a Saturday so she could read ‘Midnight Sun’ without interruption.  Netflix movies went unwatched.  Laundry piled up.  Thank the Good Lord that my husband is capable and willing to clean the house when I take these brief flights of fancy.

The D family at Heather's wedding.  She was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.
I love this pic from Whit's wedding.  That's me behind there.

I have seen all Twilight movies right when they came out.  I followed Stephenie Meyer’s website/blog on a regular basis for a long time, hoping she’d drop a hint about finishing ‘Midnight Sun’ which is Edward’s version of the Twilight story.  (Sadly, I think that will never happen.)

I’m sorry if you don’t get Twilight.  And I’m not going to try to talk you into it.  Either you’re in or you’re out.

But you’re missing out.

You could’ve had a triple shot of espresso with my sis, mom and me at Super Target last weekend, waiting for the BD1 DVD release at midnight.  We would’ve totally welcomed you.

Midnight release - of course we were there!!

You could’ve had tingles in your tummy when Bella and Edward were on their honeymoon.  Twilight makes me love Shaun more, not less.  It makes me think of those magical firsts when Shaun and I met 11 years ago, when we got married and went on our honeymoon.

A driving trip for our honeymoon - family tradition
Even though I got strep throat, our honeymoon was still magical.

You can still get in on the magic, my Friends (a/k/a Lori).  That’s the beautiful thing about literature.  It’ll always be there.  Just waiting to be discovered.

Meanwhile, Rob Pattinson is all mine.

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