October 1, 2012

Pinterest Pin-Ups ~ 50 Shades of Wet Dreams*

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This past weekend Lori texted me and told me that I was alienating our Pinterest followers with my Christian Grey obsession.  I was shocked.  Not mad, because it would take a tsunami of offenses to make me mad at Lor, but it was unusual that she would censure me over my love of men combined with my love of literature.  Crazy-talk!

But I politely told her that if she wanted, she could delete the pins.

Let’s back up.  If any of you have been with this blog for any time in the past year and a half, you are aware that I love Twilight, and that Lori DOES NOT.  She’s nuts.  Really, I like the romantic fantasy of sweet Edward, and I’ve always liked the vampire genre. (More on the girls’ 5th Vampire Birthday Party tomorrow.)  But really, it’s Edward.

Oh Edward, my love

This summer, I was finally wrangled into reading the 50 Shades of Grey books.  And read them I did.  All three books in four days.  With love.  No vampires, but Christian Grey is pretty darn hot.  Shaun hasn’t complained.  *As a matter of fact, he told me he would be very disappointed if I didn't put "wet dreams" in the title of this post, considering all the guy pictures I keep plugging in, so I obliged.  All intended in irreverent good humor, Friends.  And clearly some inferred swear words.

In addition and with perfect timing, Pinterest FINALLY came out with their Android app for pinning heaven.  And pinning maniac I have been.  I love those sarcastic postcard-y quotes that say things like “I would hardly call mentally casting the film version of 50 Shades of Grey doing nothing all day” and “My new life plan is to fall into the offices of CEOs until I find Christian Grey.”  Genius.  Of course there’s the “celebrity” section of Pinterest, and a GOOD chunk of that is hot guys.  I pin most of the hot guys I select into the following two categories: 1) Rob Pattinson and 2) actors who could play Christian Grey.

This is definitely a WOM pinboard to follow, my Friends

So now I love two fictional men: Edward (a/k/a Rob Pattinson because Hollywood has given the character a face I approve of) and Christian Grey.  Hollywood is currently making a movie of 50 Shades and the internet is RIFE with rumors as to whom the actor will be to play Christian.  Naturally my friends and I are APE-SH*T over this.  KS and I have decided that when it comes to our literary-fiction husbands, we are allowed to be polygamous. 

This is my actual pin

Here’s some analysis:  Whit says Henry Cavill, of “Tudors” fame, who will soon be the latest Superman.  Hottie for sure, but Superman to BDSM Christian?  Not sure.  KS’s friend, RB, and Lori, are BIIIIIIG Ryan Gosling fans.  I do like the ‘Hey Girl Hey’ pins on Pinterest, but he’s not my first choice for Christian.  KS and I read that Matt Bomer is at the top of many internet lists, but then I read that he bats for the other team and while I normally wouldn’t have a problem with that, I think the Christian Grey actor does need to be into women.  Boy is Matt B. hot tho!  Ian Somerhalder is also at the top.  But KS, Whit and my sis Heather and I agree that Christian must be at least 6’ tall (I consider myself a men's height expert with Shaun being 6'1" - that makes no sense but I make up my own rules), and Ian is not, nor is Brit hottie from Magic Mike, Alex Pettyfer.  So KS’s and my research led us to Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame and possibly Chace Crawford.  Winners!  My sis Heather thinks Alexander Skarsgard from TrueBlood should play Christian.  He fits most of the criteria, though I think he may be too old.  I certainly don't fault her for picking a worthy contender since he is handsome to the max.

Henry Cavill~Superman - gorgeous! (6'1")
Chris Hemsworth (6'3"!!!)
Chace Crawford (6')
Ian Somerhalder - too short at 5'9.5"
Ryan Gosling - hot, for sure, and 'hey girl' quotes are hilarious (6'1")
Alex Pettyfer - a close 5'11"
Matt Bomer - yeah, I know, he's GORGEOUS (5'11.5")
Alexander - Thank you Sweden!! (6'4"!!!!)

BUT THEN Shaun and I watched Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera the other evening and her love interest was smoking hot (especially in his low-slung pj pants) and *vaguely familiar*.  Watching the ending credits, it came to me ~ Cam Gigandet from Twilight fame – as in the bad guy James from Twilight.  I never much paid attention to him in Twilight cuz, hello? Edward.  And he’s got long hair and I don’t like my men with long hair.  And hello? Edward.

Sorry, I'm too tired to search the internet for a better pic, and meh anyway (even with smokin abs)

A simple IMDb search confirmed things: Cam Gigandet is 6’ tall and GORGEOUS and MUST BE CHRISTIAN GREY in the movie version of 50 Shades.  DECISION DONE.

See his pants hanging just in that way?
Looks mighty fine in a CEO gray suit

So there’ve been some Christian Grey/Cam Gigandet pins to the WOM Pinterest page (did you get how they have the same initials)?  Lori hasn’t deleted them and I know why – she enjoys all fine-looking male specimens too.  They are a wonder to behold.  (Plus, she thinks I'm hilarious.)  I think you’ll agree.  And please, feel free to follow us on Pinterest – I’ll be sure to pin more good stuff STAT!  The link to our WOM Pinterest boards is one of the tabs at the top of the page.

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