February 6, 2013


Posted by Lori~ 

The fridge story actually goes way back to when Steve and I first bought our house (2008).  When we moved in we knew our appliances were old and so we purchased a home warranty to cover replacement costs and repairs for our appliances if they broke because they were OLD.

Soon after moving in, the fridge broke and we had a local repair shop come to take a look at it.  Immediately, the repair man incidated that our fridge was old and most likely not fixable.  "Oh darn!"

That didn't last, because $25.00 later a part was replaced and the fridge was up  and running again!

I couldn't believe it.  I was disappointed!

Fast forward to now, and the fridge quit working!  YIPPPPEEE!  I WAS EXSTATIC!  However, this time around there was no warranty. 


In my Little City, ND town there are not a lot of options for appliances.  However, Fargo is roughly 1.5 hours away. 

I first called Home Depot and they were going to charge us $125 for delivery.

Then I called Lowes and they had NO DELIVER CHARGE!

Perfect!  Plus they were running a sale.

Roughly $540 later and I had my fridge delivered, installed, and the old fridge hauled away!

Old fridge being hauled away!

I couldn't wait for the new fridge to come in!

We opted to go with a silver mist finish that "looks" like stainless steel.  And it DOES.  Even the delivery man said that this is THE WAY TO GO.  Cheaper, doesn't dent, doesn't scratch.  WHY NOT!

And after the fridge was delivered I noticed a VERY SMALL DEFECT in the finish.  I didn't need a new door or fridge.  However, I needed a discount.  They gave me an additional $60.00 off the price.

We also decided to go with a traditional fridge with top freezer, because these were the cheapest.  Steve and I both agree that our current house (that we love) will not be our forever house.  And so, the ice machine will come later!

The fridge has TONS OF STORAGE!  

I even turned an old pool ball holder into an egg holder.

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