February 10, 2013

V-day Card Garland Craft

Posted by Lori~

ND and MN are currently in the middle of a major blizzard.  The interstates and highways are closed.  When the roads close the gates come out blocking your entrance to the interstate.

Steve and I did make it to a movie this afternoon, but beyond that we have been taking it easy today. 

Yesterday, I did manage to make it to coffee with my girlfriends and found an adorable V-day craft at the local coffee shop/store.

Super easy and the best part is that I had EVERYTHING needed in my craft stash.

All you need is ribbon (one long piece and lots of assorted scraps in V-day colors), a scissor, a hole-punch, and playing cards (ONLY THE HEARTS).

I decided to add a decorative scalp edge to the cards.  And then determined where my two hole punches would be.  I then used one card as my guide and did this to all others.  I ended up using twelve cards total.

I then threaded a ribbon through connecting the cards and creating a V-day garland.

Once done, I hit my ribbon stash and tied various ribbons to the garland.  I opted to use only white and red.


And there you have it…totally adorable and totally adding some love to my mantle.


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