February 24, 2013

My phone is really confused.

Posted by Ethne~

I think I’ve mentioned that I got a new smartphone.  I had the option of getting an iPhone, but I decided to get a Samsung Galaxy SIII.  Let’s just say there were several reasons I wanted it, but pretty much the biggest was because the Galaxy is KILLING the iPhone 5 right now!

I don’t use it near its capacity for intelligence.  In fact, I probably don’t even know 50% of what it can do.  But hello, there was no book that came with it that said, this is all the sh!t your phone can do.

The sucker is almost creepy.  Its front-facing camera watches my eyeballs and it won’t go to sleep if it sees my eyes are still looking at the phone, even if I haven’t touched it in over a minute (my sleep-set time).  Whit and I call it bionic – like we call our mom’s bionic eye after her lasix lens replacement surgery: if it hits the light just right, she could totally be the Terminator’s blue-eyed twin.

One of my favorite features is I can slide-text.  In other words, I can slide my fingers across the letters I want to type on the keyboard and my phone, for the most part, gets it right.  The texting keyboard is smart, and the sliding function is awesome. 

But it’s not that smart.  This morning I was typing the word “grandbabies” via slide-text in a message to my dad and my phone guessed that I meant this word instead: transvestite.

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Reagen said...

I have the SIII and love it! It was an upgrade from the original Galaxy so I didn't have as much of a learning curve but the Swype (slide-text) function is a godsend for someone like me who could take way too long for a regular text. Lots of great apps too!