February 26, 2013

Tuesday at Noon: Shoot it down!

Posted by Lori~

Hey North Dakota WOMS! (or any WOMS...this could soon be headed your way!)

It's time this mom gets political. The ND House just passed HB 1215, which will allow school boards to conduct secret meetings about allowing school staff to carry concealed weapons. No matter where you stand on guns in schools (my house says Hells No!), this legislation needs to get shot down. Conversations this important, this controversial, this divisive, need to happen in the light of day. Why on Earth would any of our legislators think that we shouldn't be allowed to be a part of a conversation about the safety of our children!

ND WOMS, we need to turn this around. Get the word out. The House already passed this bill 60-33 but we can get our senators to counteract it. There is absolutely no sense in this. The ND media are opposed to this, as they should be. Defending our right to know what's going on in government is what the news media are supposed to do. But even most of the education boards and associations in our state oppose this! (click HERE for more information). So who is this benefiting other than ignorant or scared politicians? NO ONE!

Call your senators or leave them your thoughts here.

I repeat, we don't have to agree on whether there should be guns in schools. But if you believe you have the right to debate that issue later on, we've got some work to do. Almost all of us can agree that we as parents, voters, taxpayers, and WOMS have the right to be a part of important decisions about our children's safety. If this doesn't get turned around, North Dakota will have a major WOM-bargo on its hands!

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