February 12, 2013


Posted by Lori~

First up, I am wiping my tears from laughter…Ethne’s recent “crime edition” post cracked me up!  And, honestly the entire Arias trial gets crazier and crazier.  And, I feel more and more for Travis Alexander’s family. It is so sad that the victim is always drug through the mud.  SHAME ON YOU JODI ARIAS!  You obviously will say anything to get off!

Love does hurt sometime!  Remember, my Love Hurts post?

Recently I have become in LOVE with organization thanks to I HEART ORGANIZING!  I am inspired.  (And I promise tomorrow night to have a more V-day themed post).

Last summer, I was in Chicago visiting friend and wom-mom follower Melisa and her husband Stu.  Melisa and I of course had lots of shopping to do including Pottery Barn and local thrift stores.

We came across this awesome key for keys.  I LOVED IT AND IMMEDIATELY thought I would spray paint it a fun color.

However, I brought it home and it sat.  And it sat some more.

Finally, I decided “decision done” I am sick of looking at our keys scattered throughout the house.  And I insisted that Steve hang it up immediately.

It looks awesome and actually, I like the wood color.  It matches the trim.

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