April 29, 2014


Posted by Lori~

I saw this cute idea...
Image from here.
 and I thought, I can do that!  So, I tried...

and I failed!  But, I still made egg salad and it was delicious!

This recipe was MUCH HEALTHIER, because I substituted greek yogurt for mayo.  And it was good.

My mix (I throw it into the bowl and taste as I go) consisted of:  greek yogurt, yellow mustard, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, fat free half and half, and dill.

Along with health(ier) egg salad, I served fresh fruit and veggies!  Notice my awesome vintage chip/dip bowl!  It works great for fruit, you name it!

April 28, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Mur-Man, Steve, and I were blessed to have a beautiful girl E stay with us this past week.  Of course, we had to break out the crafts.  First stop, Wal-Mart for duct tape.  Wow--they had an amazing assortment!

We started with duct tape pen flowers.  You can read the tutorial here.

Next up, we wanted to create duct tape jewelry.  Really, it was very simple.  All you need are straws, duct tape, scissors, and string.

First up, wrap your duct tape.

Then, cut your straw into pieces or "beads".

Next up, you string it, creating bracelets, necklaces, rings, you choose!  It literally is that simple and E LOVED IT!

Have you had to create a simple, creative, easy craft spur of the moment for kids?  Duct tape was really simple!  Consider it!

April 27, 2014


Posted by Lori~

I don't know about you, but nothing is worse than a caulk job.  My tile shower is still looking really good with the exception of where the tile meets the tub.

It was looking rusty, mildewy, and YUCKY!

Before applying the caulk, I cleaned the area and the line really good with a magic eraser.  I then waited 30 minutes to let the area dry.

And, why do I call it caulk hell you ask?  This is where it all really started....

First up, I grabbed my Kwik Seal Tub and Tile Adhesive Caulk to find out it was completely dried out!

Then I tried yet another tube of caulk and it came out sticky and more puddy-like.  I attempted to apply it to the tile; however, it was more glue-like and would not spread at all.

The third tube must work...right?  Well, it did.  It came out smooth and was "easier" to apply.  It's never easy.  I would squeeze a little along the tub line and then use my finger and a cup of water to smooth it out. 


Even though the tub looked good, my shoes didn't look good because they had caulk all over them!  Luckily it "mostly" came off!

April 22, 2014


Posted by Lori~

I was under the weather this Easter weekend and requested that Steve make me prime rib for Easter Sunday.  If I could have one last meal on Earth, prime rib would be included.  DECISION DONE!  

I found a recipe from the Pioneer Woman and was impressed by the minimal cooking time (literally under an hour).

You can find the recipe here.

Prior to baking the meat, you actually sear the roast in olive oil on the stove.

Then you will want to create your spice rub.  Remember, to follow her recipe. 
Her rub included Thyme (our Thyme came right out of the freezer).

This is Steve massaging the meat.  Honestly, this reminded me of the Ham Massage scene in Fargo, the TV Show. 

Then you bake your meat.  First at 500 degrees and then you turn the temperature down.  Of course this is all dependent on the size of your roast.
You definitely want to use a meat thermometer.  When the internal temperature hits 125 degrees your meet is done.  Let the meat sit for several minutes before cutting.

We also made au jus and followed the Pioneer Woman recipe here.  The recipe called for all kinds of things that you eventually strain off leaving the au jus behind.

There it is, my perfect prime rib dinner!  DELICIOUS!

April 20, 2014

LEGO TRAY (and a little Easter Recap)

Posted by Lori~

I am under the weather and honestly not feeling well.  Our plans for Easter fell through, because I was not up for traveling.  I am feeling a little better, and spent most of the weekend in bed.  

Prior to the weekend, I had started on an Easter project for Mur-Man and my nephews.  I wanted to create an under-the-couch Lego tray.  I think they turned out great.

The project started at a book sale at my little city, ND college.  They had frames for sale for $1.00!  I snagged three!

I removed the prints and purchased foam-core at Wal-Mart for $1.50/sheet. Three frames required three sheets of foam-core.  I attached the frames to the foam-core using wood glue.

I purchased the Lego building plates at yoyo.com.  Overall, they were the most affordable option with the smaller blue/green plates selling for $5.00/plate.

I did purchase vinyl letters for the trays.  I purchased them from a local printing shop for $3.00/tray.

Using wood glue and scissors, I was able to cut the Lego plate to fit and attach it to the foam-core.

I did test-out the plates to ensure they were spaced properly.

Mur-man received his tray Easter morning.  By the way, this is Max our new Goldendoodle.  He has a haircut scheduled Tuesday!  We are in LOVE!
Mur-Man is also using his Lego Drawer!  It works slick and can roll in and out of his room (easy to put away)!
Mur-Man also got Walkie-Talkies for Easter.  We have tried them out.  Mur-Man's call sign is Cosmo, Steve is Bubba, and I am Bahama Mamma (love it)!
Steve freaked me out today by sporting a stache!  Totally creapy!  It lasted roughly two hours and I am happy to report--it is gone!  THANK GOD!
For Easter Dinner, Steve made me Pioneer Woman Prime Rib.  It was DELICIOUS!