February 14, 2013

Random Wrap-Up & Homemade Buffalo Sauce!

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Well, Friends, Valentine’s Day has almost come to an end.  Shaun and I enjoyed a brief respite without the girls thanks to his parents picking the girls up every Thursday and giving them dinner.

How did we celebrate? Ham and cream cheese roll-ups and frozen pizza.  As Lori would say, rock on crouton!

Our sweet next-door-neighbor, Jim, plowed our driveway AGAIN – I’ll have go get him a gift card to Home Depot and a box of chocolates.  Isn’t that so nice?!

We’ve seen most of our family, or will be soon, so this makes me wish I saw my bffs today – Steph, Grizz, Slags, Kari, Dot and of course, Lori – a big cyber Valentine goes out to you my Loves!!  (I did talk to Lori a couple times for updates on the Jodi Arias trial, which was super fun.  And I texted Kari about how Josh Duhamel should be Christian Grey.  And I texted Steph, Grizz and Slags many times about more things than I can write about here.)

Theodore is sitting on my lap as I type this, and he keeps turning on the caps lock key.  I love you, sweet, pesty kitty with no teeth.  This brings me to a conversation Shaun and I had two nights ago.  All true.

Me, to Theodore: God #$%^&&, you #$%^& cat!!!!!!

Shaun: What is going on?

Me: Theodore just rubbed his paw on my kindle and turned the page of my book to 99% and I was only at like 40%!!  [You don’t get page numbers, just percentages of completion in kindle books.]

Shaun: Maybe if you wouldn’t let him sit half on your lap and half on your kindle…(pregnant silence)

Me: No, I like him half on my lap and half on my kindle, it just pisses me off when he messes up my page and I don’t know how to find it again.

Shaun: You can’t really complain then…(pregnant silence) [We both know that’s just a rhetorical statement.]

Me, to Theodore as he settles back in, half on my lap and half on my kindle: A$$hole.

Shaun: ??

Me: Theodore is like the best child ever.  You can swear at him all you want and he still loves you and has no idea what you’re talking about.

Shaun:  ??
I told you it was true.

Finally, since this is a blog where we teach you how to do stuff, I thought I’d tell you how to make Homemade Buffalo Sauce, just to keep things SPICY!  I made some the other day and TRUST ME, it was perfect. (BTW, Theodore did not assist in the all-caps of those words.)

I used Frank’s RedHot sauce – it comes in a big ol’ bottle and unsalted butter.

In a microwave safe bowl, put a ½ stick of butter and 2/3 cup hot sauce.

As I like to say, that is a sh*t-ton of hot sauce

Shortly before you are ready to eat, melt the two together in the microwave.  I did this in 30-second increments, stirring each time, until the butter was melted and everything was all blended thoroughly together.

I liked it served warm.  We made homemade chicken nuggets the night I made this sauce – the buffalo sauce for Shaun & me, and homemade honey mustard sauce for the girls (I prefer honey mustard with Dijon but only had yellow; the girls ate it just fine).

PS, my nuggets weren't burnt, they were dalish.

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