June 21, 2012

Homemade Popsicles

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There’s nothing better on a summer afternoon than a popsicle.  KD and Easy Mac love them.  Of course, my kids love anything with a granule of sugar in it so you know that means I want to control what is in the sweet goodies the girls eat.

Rhubarb - yum - add some sugar please, says KD

Then, of course, this past weekend both of the girls came down with the stomach flu.  Not the 24-hour version, but the full-on, days-on-end flu.  They are still not 100% over it, but a zillion times better than last weekend.  When we took them into the doctor, we were really worried about Easy Mac being dehydrated.  And what did the doctor suggest?  You guessed it – popsicles!  He really said anything she’d eat, including French fries, which we also got her, would be better than nothing.  But the liquids and salt (in moderation) are key.  Hence popsicles (which are fun, sweet and the kids can’t drink the liquids too quickly) and French fries (potatoes aren’t too likely to upset the stomach of their own right).

Poor Easy Mac

For the flu, Shaun picked up regular popsicles, though Thrifty Nana and I did pick up some Gatorade and we made some homemade popsicles with that successfully.  Pedialyte makes popsicles now too, but for the record, KD and Easy Mac refuse Pedialyte and generic versions from sip #1.  Don’t waste your money.

For regular sweet treats, I like to be more creative with my girls’ popsicles.  I picked up one of those homemade popsicle molds for super cheap.  You can get them about anywhere.  I chose a mold that didn’t seem too flimsy – and it’s pink of course!

I’ve been making a lot of fruit smoothies this summer to drink – and what better than making a little extra for the girls’ popsicles?  Plus, my smoothies don’t have any added sugar (maybe a little honey depending on what I’m making), just 100% fruits and vegetables.

These popsicles were banana strawberry
with pomegranate juice - whizzed up in my Magic Bullet!

Easiest thing ever.  Pour, freeze and serve.  You just warm up the outside of the mold with your hand for a few seconds to pull the frozen popsicle out.

It’s genius and the girls think I’m the best mom ever.  Well, not for the popsicles.  I’d say that title comes at 3 a.m. when I’m catching your puke in a bowl, my darlings.

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