September 4, 2012

TUESDAYS AT NOON: Ethne on Irreverent Laughter

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Shaun asked me the other day if he still made me laugh.  “Oh yes,” I replied.  I asked him back and he said, “every damn day sweetheart,” which in my estimation is the truest expression of love there could ever be.  He clarified that I’m always up to “antics”.  What’s that all about?

Antics: shotgunning frosting.

I’m sure it’s not because I want to have a face mask with the Sons of Anarchy skeleton and scythe on it for him to wake up to in the middle of the night; or because I read about writing on banana skins with toothpicks so I wrote “bad-a$$” on a banana and left it for him to notice *which he didn’t*.  He’s usually not amused when I walk around the yard and pull weeds in my pajamas, so that can’t be it, but maybe.  I would find it highly amusing if he bent over to pick cherry tomatoes with a short little nightdress on.  Especially with a park in our backyard.  It’s almost a fact, probably, that he doesn't laugh when I put make-up on, including fake eyelashes, with my sister on a Sunday *just for fun*.

Too right bit$&es

I have been very happy lately, and quite irreverent.  I told Shaun that I wish I could swear more on the blog since swearing makes things funnier.  I gave up saying the f-word in college for one new year’s resolution because I said it every other word.  That just sounded nasty.  (I never went back to swearing like a sailor, but I have gone back to my sweary ways.)  But slapping out motherfu**er every couple paragraphs, well that’s what I call a good time.  HOWEVER, Lori and I decided long ago that this is a family-friendly blog, so my swear words will just have to be silenced and/or masked with sneaky $$ or **.  But you should know, I imply swear words into my writing CONSTANTLY.

Yesterday was the BEST DAY OF THE WHOLE YEAR, as in, MY BIRTHDAY!  I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned it, but just in case, here’s a reminder.  I’m [imply ‘motherf**king’ here] 29 [f**king forever] – yippee!  I’ve been making a big deal out of my birthday for a good three weeks now at work (I usually wait till after Whit’s b-day on August 13th for my benchmark) and so last week I had my co-worker DW print out a calendar of our week with just my birthday luncheon on it and put it up on her desk – no forgetsy's.  And Keri & Kari brought me in a tiara, which I wore all day Friday!  I loved it.  And my co-worker JT wore pink, just for me!  And my pal E made me hummingbird cake!!  I could die.  (Remember her genius bridal showercupcakes from a few weeks ago?)

So sweary, irreverent Ethne is much more fun because she’s a lot more light-hearted and happy.  (You probably won’t catch me swearing at Wal-Mart, chasing after my kids and calling them ‘Honey Boo Boo’, but I also don’t shop at Wal-Mart, so problem solved.)  I’ve noticed I walk taller and am a bit bossier.  I laugh A LOT.  I cackle even.

Where am I even going with this?  Oh yeah.  I think my point is that you don’t have to have an awesome husband (I do) or kids who behave (I usually don’t) or cool hair or make-up (sometimes I do, usually it’s just so-so) to walk tall and carry a big stick.  What you do need is enough sense of humor to not take things too seriously.  I find that the more I stick to this plan, the more I laugh.  And I love to laugh.  It’s pretty much the best thing ever.  Everywhere I look there is something to laugh at.  Pets - easy targets.  My cat has no teeth.  People watching - I'm not even joking when I say that I saw a large person wearing a skirt so short today that both butt cheeks hung below the hem.  You can't make this sh*t up.  (See, swearing just adds flavor, doesn't it?)  Whit was there, she can vouch. 

Sweet Baby T-Rex: no teeth

Besides laughing at myself and cackling with Steph over ‘Tan Mom Patricia Krentzil’ being drunk (Steph and I laugh about Tan Mom INCESSANTLY - she's pretty much our favorite subject in *history*, which we are actually qualified to decide since we took American History class together with Mr. Christen our junior year of high school), the latest blogs I’ve found to make me laugh till tears are: The Bloggess, Pintester and Pinterest, You Are Drunk.

Oh, and reading 50 Shades of Grey doesn’t hurt either.  TRUST ME ON THIS.  [Shouty capitals added for emphasis.]

You’re welcome.

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