November 4, 2012

Wom-Mom's Top Ten Reasons to Vote Tuesday

Posted by Ethne~
Lori and I have said it before and we’ll say it again – this is not a political blog thankyouverymuch.  But we do believe in America and freedom and democratic society, so we’re pretty darn rabid about the idea that everybody should vote tomorrow.  
Rich becoming an American!
{Don’t be all offended if it’s against your beliefs to vote, because I have family and blog readers I love who don’t vote for religious reasons.  I totally respect that it’s their American liberty not to vote, even if I disagree with it.}
Yes, Lori and I do have opinions about political issues, and yes, we do agree on all the issues and no, we are not going to talk about that here, so don’t ask.
So, with a little humor, tongue in cheek, and in all seriousness, here are the
WOM-MOM Top Ten Reasons to Vote Tomorrow:
10.  You can cancel out my vote!  Shaun and I are not voting for the same candidates *most likely* so whomever you vote for is a win-win for one of us.
9.  EVERY VOTE COUNTS.  How many of the past elections will it take to prove this?  In my home state of MN, the 2008 Senate seat was won by Al Franken by a mere 312 votes.  To put that into context, that’s smaller than the average size of a high school graduating class (~550).  And don’t even get Lor and me started about election night 2000.  Nail-biter!
8.  You get a sticker.  Like when you get a shot.  Except way better because the massive bloodshed occurred by our ancestors, in several wars, long ago, so that we could have the freedoms we do today.  That sobers you up, doesn’t it?
7.  You can take your kids ‘behind the curtain’ with you and teach them the importance of voting – let’s not give “my vote doesn’t count” or “I don’t know enough about the issues to vote” as excuses to the next generation, Friends. (And I think they could get a sticker too.)
6.  You could meet your future spouse in line at the polls.
5.  You legally get off work to vote and you might even get a free ride to the polls.
4.  It is your responsibility – you read the news and hear the headlines – some of the people in Washington and at state government are corrupt idiots and need to be fired.  We pay them to work for us and if they are not doing their job, they need to go.  If they are not doing the job you want them to do for you, it is your responsibility to vote for a candidate that better suits your criteria.  Is it pink slip time, Washington?  You better stay on your toes and get to work!!
3.  Because we are ‘Muricans.  (Silent A.  Say it out loud and with enthusiasm!)  This is my brother-in-law, Rich's, first election as an American (he's from England and was sworn in this past July) - AWESOME!
2.  It is your right – do you realize what a treasure this is?  Rarer than gold, my Friends. 
1.  You can’t bitch if you don’t vote.  Hands down, best reason.

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