February 28, 2013


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As you already know, I had BIG PLANS to have this project done yesterday to link up to one of our favorite blogs, YOUNG HOUSE LOVE, and their Pinterest challenge.  However, this project took longer than expected.

First up, a shout-out to friend and WOM-MOM follower Reagen for the idea/inspiration.  She always said she would paint my spice cupboard and turn it into a chalkboard.  LOVE THAT IDEA!

The spice cupboard was originally an ironing board cupboard.
However the change was already made before we bought the house,
but we have made several updates!  WE LOVE IT!

Next up, a shout-out to Pinterest and the many inspiring photos and ideas. Some of them included:

click here
click here
click here
Why the delay?  Actually the magnetic paint took much longer than indicated on the instructions.  After reading other blogs (even YHL) and experimenting with magnetic paint, Ethne and I both knew that I would need to do at least 6 coats of paint to make it more magnetic.

I ended up doing 6 coats of magnetic paint (honestly not sure if it really mattered--4 coats seemed to be similarly magnetic) and it really still isn’t as magnetic as I would like.  I have come to realize that I will not be able to use super heavy items.

I also managed to get 2 coats of chalkboard paint on.

The next step is to let it set for 24 hours and then chalk it (or spread chalk all over it and wipe it down with a wet sponge).   You are then ready to go.

I actually am still mid-project because I want to wait the full 24 hours prior to chalking…and of course, I always wait until the last minute to start a project.

In addition to turning my spice cupboard into a magnetic chalkboard, I also managed to move what used to be a match holder by my fireplace (never used, because we always use a cigarette lighter) to the spice cupboard and it will work great to hold my chalk.  The best part is that this item cost me next to nothing. I actually purchased it at a flee market.


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Reagen said...

Yay! I love the idea of using that vintage match holder for the chalk.