December 25, 2012

Lyle, that Sneaky Elf!

Posted by Ethne~

Oy!  I find myself already at the end of Christmas!  Wonderful, as ever, and what a fun age for my children to celebrate!!  I was especially excited when the smoke alarm went off (dying battery) at 2:30 this morning - that's right, the one directly outside the girls' bedrooms.

Merry Christmas!
Whit and my sweet kitty, Theodore, who LOVES to celebrate
Thrifty Nana (seen here with the girls) got me a Canon Rebel camera (!!!!) for Christmas!!!

If any of you have missed us over the past week, I’m sorry, again, about that.  We’ve missed the ole blog too.  I’ve been doing a lot of crafty Christmas gifts, but one side-effect of making such gifts is I can’t blog about them yet.  D’oh!  And we had a snafu with the girls’ biggest Christmas gift which we purchased online, in advance, and was therefore supposed to be FOOLPROOF.  Well, only one (not two of the identical order) came, so I had to scramble out locally and find an equivalent.  To top it off, I got into a car accident.  Not bad, no injuries, and they THINK they can fix the damage.  Get on that, jack.  Sans the car accident, that pretty much summarizes Lori’s past week too.  She, Steve and Mur-Man are now in Williston spending Christmas with her parents and siblings and their families.

Since I haven't put together my crafty Christmas round-up yet (having just given most but not all of the gifts and of course not taking pictures of all), I'll post a few pictures of what our SNEAKY ELF LYLE has been up to.  He even trekked down to Omaha to make sure Grandpa Paul and Grandma Connie were minding their manners!

Partying with the Barbies
Playing the Playstation
Riding the Christmas wreath
Lyle riding the buffalo bronze in Omaha at Grandpa Paul and Grandma Connie's
Lyle on buffalo, close up
Grandpa Paul and Grandma Connie - OMG, how did that sneaky elf get down here?!
Christmas morning Lyle was seen ziplining onto the Christmas tree
Very brave!
One more shot - we were very impressed and figured Santa had a hand in this when he stopped in to drop off presents.
Merry Christmas to you and yours, Friends, from Ethne, Lori and our families!

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