August 30, 2012

DIY Bedroom Furniture Rehab Reveal!

Posted by Ethne~

Well, Friends, it’s time for the big reveal – of my bedroom furniture!! 

It wasn’t without a few freakouts and delays owing to the weather, but I’m really pleased, not only with the outcome, but that it’s finally friggin’ done.  Shaun and Whit and Thrifty Nana were more than helpful.

Whit loves that I keep flashing this picture around, especially that mystery bruise on her knee

Remember the start?  It’s really great quality furniture, but it’s from a different era, was super dark, and way outdated.  It made my bedroom feel dreary.  That’s not what you want for your bedroom, even sweet Edward thinks so!

Remember how light & open the Cullen home is?  It's important when you don't sleep at all.  I sleep a lot, but that's practically the same thing.

My dresser - aren't you a sexy beast.
Shaun's dresser - those slappy knobs made noise every morning when he got his clothes out and I was afraid he'd wake the girls before absolutely necessary.

First, up, Shaun and the girls (with my minor contribution) sanded the pieces and Shaun primed them with Kilz oil-based primer.  I read up on my fave DIY blog, younghouselove, and they recommended that for painting furniture, you prime with an oil-based paint and paint with a latex paint on top of it.  Roger that.

You can imagine how stoked I was when Shaun got the girls involved, which meant less work for me.
Like her mother, KD prefers to do housework in stilettos

The painting was left to Whit and me.  It went pretty well at first.  Then we got to some really hot days.  I tried painting my dresser on one such day and the paint dried too fast and got splotchy.  That’s where Thrifty Nana came into play cuz I freaked out.  She spritzed it with a little bit of water, brushed it gently a few times, and it smoothed out a bit.

My Purple People Eater Legs and I are afraid of painting
Whit and I investigated at Home Depot how to fill the old handle-holes ourselves.  I think Shaun was afraid more than proud because clearly he didn't understand my innate talent for home improvement.

We waited for some cooler days and finished painting, including my messed-up dresser top.  All came right with the world again.

Ok, so up super close the painting isn't 100% perfect in all spots, but since I don't have OCD, I call that *character*.

Shaun picked out some brushed nickel knobs and drilled new holes for them.  I was originally thinking I wanted oil-rubbed bronze (dark brown-black) but with a few comparisons, I decided I wanted the brighter look of silver.  These knobs are a lot smaller than the old clunkers that were on there – another refreshing difference.

The detail is amazing now, huh?  And the knobs don't dwarf the wood detail like the old slappy knobs did.

I painted my mirror, but after installing it back on there, and looking at it for half an hour, I decided I wanted it gone.

Dear John Mirror, it's not you, it's me.

Shaun purchased new hinges for the doors, but thankfully he kept the original ones for just-in-case because the new ones didn’t work.  We put the old ones back on and they’ll work just fine; you can’t tell from where they are that they’re not silver.  We left the inside drawers dark; I didn’t think they’d care if they were painted since they have their friendly neighborhood door to keep them company.  And I don’t mind the contrast one bit.

One realization I haven't figured out: the drawers do not fit in right anymore, and it's not the paint sticking.  I. Do. Not. Know.
This is the open door to my dresser with the hidden darker drawers; I totally love the contrast.  Past meets present.  Don't mind the painty smudge.  Doesn't bother me 4 a second.
Detail on my headboard.  Do you like my face mask that says "Beautification in Progress"?  Shaun does.  I told him I want to make a face mask that says "Sons of Anarchy" on it with the SOA emblem and then Shaun would wake up in the night to the skull and death scythe staring him down.  He chocked this up as one of my 'antics'.

I love how you can see the detail of the design now.  My bedroom is so light and airy and relaxing.  It’s amazing the difference that a little paint can make!

I haven't filled my jewelry tree, but I think Shaun should work on that.
Nice and glossy and fresh.  Those aren't the terms Shaun uses, and I don't use those terms around him.  Those are just between us, k?
Ok, so you can't actually see my headboard behind my decorative pillows, so shut up.
Just to give you reference, from where I am standing, my short dresser is to my left, Shaun's tall dresser is to my right, and our closets are behind us.
 Amen!  Haleluia!


Kyle Jon P. said...

I really enjoy reading your blog Ethne. Bedroom furniture rehab becomes more special when friends and family members are helping with the task. Nice idea of sharing this to the public.

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Unknown said...

What paint color is on your walls?

Italian bed sets said...

Your bedroom is really so light and airy and relaxing. It’s amazing the difference that a little paint can make! Paint is stunning. Thanks for this lovely post.