March 31, 2011


Posted by Ethne~

MISSION: I had the girls home with colds recently, but they still get stir crazy.  And I needed a minute to take a shower….

We’ve got Play-doh, paints, markers, crayons and the like, but I needed to be able to check on them from behind the curtain in a blink, so I pulled out the big guns: make-up!

Le make-up

There is nothing they love better than to do what Mommy does, and they watch me put on my own make-up whenever they can.  It’s messy, for sure (tho less so than finger paints), but it’s also something they love to do – why suppress their creativity?

Make-up Master - click here for tutorial
Auntie Whit gave the girls their own inexpensive multi-color palettes of shadow, blush and lipstick a while back.  I sat them down, gave them a brush, and hopped into the shower.

THRIFTY TIP:  These small palettes of make-up from the grocery or cosmetic store are pretty inexpensive, and there are multiple uses, so you get a lot of bang for your buck and a great play kit.

WARNING:  Learn from my mistake of allowing them to have access to the lipstick level of the compact made for a gooey mess – lipstick eyebrows – take it from me, taping that shut is a good idea (the girls’ palette has a shadow level and beneath it, a blush/lipstick level).  Or buy a shadow-only compact.

We love to pose!

ALLERGY DISCLAIMER:  I made sure my girls were not allergic to the make-up in the kit before allowing them to use it.  You must too.

So back to my shower mission.

The girls were occupied for enough time for me to shower and get dressed, and I kept a very close eye on the play-time so that there could be no funny-business or finger-painting the walls.  Plus, they LOVED IT, and felt like such big girls.

So happy and proud!  Guess who's my wild hair?!?

And, great photo ops!  Their creative genius might produce Elvira, red carpet, or showgirl - it's a total surprise!

Literal red carpet - some spilled on the rug
[Different day - Easy Mac painted her own nails]
Easy-Mac went for the brown tones
KD has some FLAIR!

EASY OFF:  A gentle cleanser like Cetaphil, baby shampoo, or safe eye-make-up remover takes the shadow right off.



Anonymous said...

Are you going to put my ON PURPOSE 80's picture on every post!

WOM-MOMS said...

Perhaps every post where you're a Special Guest. You had no idea when you posed for that picture in 1997 that it would live in enfamy forever, did you?? :)

WOM-MOMS said...

Oh Whit! I love the picture!


Maggie said...

Love the make up fun...your girls look like they had a blast! And momma gets some quite shower time too? Even better!!!