January 5, 2013

Baby N Has Arrived!

Posted by Ethne~

Friends, it’s our favorite news to report – Baby N has arrived!  Best friend Slags, and her hubby Brian, were a wee bit surprised when her water broke, 3 weeks early, on Wednesday.  I, however, wasn’t surprised in the least seeing as my exact text that evening was “Full term now!!!” 

The gorgeous Mama and Daddy!

[Any of you flunkies out there who want to know when your babies will ACTUALLY come can leave me alone as I’m convinced this psychic birthday prediction talent only extends to the block on which I grew up.  I wanted Grizz’s baby L to be born on Halloween, and she came on October 26th.  Grizz grew up across the street from Slags and me tho, not on the same block.  And if we’re really getting historical, I predicted that my twins would be born in September, the same month as Shaun’s and my birthdays, but that’s mostly because (a) I was miserable and (b) I was trying to convince Shaun that my push present should be blue diamonds which I thought could be substituted for sapphires.  As it was, the girls were born on October 3rd.  So, flunkies, don’t call me, I’m rubbish.]

All Wednesday night, Steph, Grizz, Slags, Lori and I were texting and chattering, and so darn excited, that by the time we got the word that she was getting ready to push Thursday morning, we were hardly able to see straight!!  It seemed to take forever and there was still no word on baby!

As it turns out, little N takes right on after her surrogate Auntie Ethne and LOVES to be excessively dramatic – she didn’t want to come out of her mama {APPARENTLY} unless she was draped in crown jewels.  And I mean DRIPPING IN ICE, literally, because now she’s gotta chill out on this revolutionary cooling blanket that helps newborns recover from rough deliveries.  Little Princess!

Look at the pink bow!!  You can read about N's AMAZING treatment here.

Lori, Grizz, Corey and I went to visit the new family today.  Grandma Barb (remember Barb’s pickles and slushburgers???) and Grandpa Les were there and enjoyed my nursing testimonials.  We even got to go down and see Baby N for ourselves.  She is so beautiful!  From her nose to her ears to her long fingers, I’d say she’s gonna look just like Slags. 

Grizz and Corey smartly brought their camera down to see N - who is sporting a red bow today.

Mama Teresa is doing ok, and Daddy Brian hasn’t had a chance to shave since Wednesday – but there is so much positive affirmation that when N warms up on Monday, she’s gonna scream and squawk and tell ‘em all who’s boss.  Heck, she’s already opened her eyes and looked at Mama and Daddy, and, having a special insight into her sense of the dramatic, I’d say she was giving Daddy the stink-eye and singling him out as the first one she plans to poop on.  It’s what I’d do.

Friends, Baby N is looking really great, but she and her parents could still use lots of our strength and thoughts and prayers.  Please send all the good will you can to Minneapolis so this beautiful little girl can keep her parents up all night just as soon as possible.

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