July 31, 2011


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You all have used aloe gel when you’ve gotten sunburns, yeah?  Trust me, this pale-a$$ skin of mine has been lobstery numerous times.  PAIN!

Well, how many of you have real aloe plants?  Naturally I didn’t till Thrifty Nana (my mom) got one and shared it with me.  It’s a succulent, and doesn’t grow outdoors in MN through all the seasons, but is a great house plant.  Hers grows well all year; she recently gave me a start of my own and it’s growing in my house that gets virtually no plant-friendly light whatsoever.

But the real key is its usefulness.

If you get a burn, cut or scratch, cut a piece off, open the ‘leaf’ in half, and spread it on your wound.  Easy peasy.

Thankfully, it was on hand recently when I was over at TN’s and her cat (Stuart) got into a tiff with her dog (Bella) – they haven’t quite gotten used to each other yet, though I’m pretty sure that Stuart will be the alpha animal.

Baby Stewie was not about to pose for a picture.

The tiff involved me – right in the middle!  I was holding Stuart (or Baby Stewie as I call him) and Bella got really jealous and started jumping at my leg.  No cat reacts well to a dog barking and jumping at it.  I got a healthy scratch on my arm in the scuffle.


Since the scratch was from either a cat or dog claw, I cleaned it with alcohol first.  No infections for this chica.

Next, TN cut a piece of the aloe plant and rubbed it on my scratch.  It’s a natural gel that provides a cooling feel, as well as has healing properties.  My scratch felt better instantly and has healed remarkably well.

TN's gentle application
Look closely and you can see the aloe gel
coming out of the green slice
All doctored up by my mom;
you're never too old to let your mom take
care of you!
Check your local plant store, or check online for a start of the plant.  If you’re a WOM, you’ll love having it on hand.  And think, how THRIFTY to have a healing plant that regenerates itself with no effort on your part!  That’s FREE and FABULOUS, Friends!

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