July 8, 2011

DOUBLE-HEADER FRIDAY: Adventures in Sunless Tan 2

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Look at this, Friends!  You get a second Whit’s Tips this week!  She’s here visiting so we’ve crammed in as many fun things as possible.  Naturally many of them involve makeup.  It’s one of our fave subjects.  Before the cramming sessions, though, we spent Sunday relaxing, snacking and eating s'mores around the campfire in Thrifty Nana's yard.

Ethne: happy but not tan - use this for comparison below.

When we got to discussing Whit’s makeup skills tonite, Shaun said, “Why didn’t you just go to cosmetology school?”  True dat.  Then we ruminated on all of the makeup artists who ended up marrying actors – Rob Lowe’s, Patrick Dempsey’s and Noah Wyle’s wives were all their makeup artists!  Whatever!  See, there is good money to be made in cosmetology – all it takes is batting a few eyelashes.

My eyelashes - ready for batting

So in deference to yesterday's mascara post, remember I said I’d tell you about my gorgeous tan from the Fourth of July?  It was all FAKE!  Is that the most brilliant thing ever?

I started with clean skin, and I had shaved my legs.

First, I applied Whit's sunless tan lotion: Bare Escentuals Faux Tan. It seems to be a pretty good tanner with natural-looking color.  It smells decent and rubbed in easily.  I had no icky extra-dark coloration around my ankles, knees and knuckles.

Color Me Badd

Next, and this is the brilliant part, we thoroughly rubbed in the all-body skin bronzer called Bronzy Babe. Thorough was the key or it would be streaky, but rubbed in, it was fab!  Shaun thought we were ridiculous for how much effort we put into my bronzing, but he’s not a lady, he just doesn’t understand.

Shine On Me

[Lori and I have decided one thing:  men (straight ones), bless them, just will never understand our love of shoes, clothes, makeup and, in our case, fake eyelashes and tans.  We should know that it isn’t in their capacity, accept it and move on.]

Finally, Whit did my makeup and topped off my foundation with her face bronzer called Too-Faced Sun Bunny. She discussed this in her makeup essentials post here.  Without my skin bronze, it would’ve looked odd, but all together I looked like I belonged on a tropical island.  Calgon, take me away!

Glistening after a long day in the sun - we were fireworks central!

I felt like a glowing, tan superstar all day long. My Purple People Eater legs were gone, at least for one day.  You couldn’t see the blue veins underneath my bleach white skin.  It was great.  I’m not kidding when I say that I got some second glances when we went to Cub to buy a few more marshmallows for s’mores.  Yep, it was a pretty glam day all around.

Amazingly, we almost got the munchkins to look at the camera.
Look how glam I was!  Sexy eyes and a rockin' tan.  !Bueno!

Honestly, I didn't notice the sunless tanner the next day, but that's probably because I had been so golden the day before.

If you want to up take it up another notch, and cut out a little getting-ready time, Whit said that Lorac brand makes a sunless tanner and bronzer lotion all in one. This is brilliant aside from the cost. She said it was a bit out of her price range.  Ah well, we can dream.

Have a golden summer, Friends!  And a nice weekend too. J

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