July 18, 2011


Posted by Lori~

We arrived at the lake on a Friday…and so we knew we could hit the sales on Saturday.  Typically we arrive on Saturday and stay until Saturday.  But on this trip…we are here from Friday to Friday (perfection!).
We grabbed the DL paper…and found several sales. 

J, P, and G-Ma shopping!

We hit around 5 sales and the best was an estate sale. 

Overall, a semi-successful outing.  Of course we hit a sale that had the mother-load of quality baby girl clothing…and so that was a no-go for Mur-Man.  Here are my finds…I purchased:

An adorable shirt for Mur-Man

A tiered crystal serving platter

A doily

A puppy creamer

Crafty G-Ma (or my mom) scored some antique hankies…that will eventually make a quilt.  Crafty G-Ma will have to update WOM-MOM later on this crafting project.

Thrift stores…here we come (and DL, ND has three!  YIPEEE!)

More live from the lake to come!

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