July 18, 2011


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It’s here…my family’s annual trip to Devils Lake, MN.  This is our 10th year (I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!).  We rent a cabin for a week….we all pile in from our respective communities, and we head to the lake.  Total this year 12 people…this includes my mom, dad, Steve, Mur-Man, my sister Lisa, her husband Darin, their two sons big J and little J, my brother Lyle, his girlfriend Dena, and Dena’s son P.  We will have a cabin full, lots of bonding time, lots of fishing, good food, and so much more!

Our vehicle crammed FULL!
Mur-Man slept (even though he was packed in)
One thing you need to know is that Devil’s Lake is HUGE AND IT IS GROWING AND GROWING AND GROWING.  Towns are gone!  People have to move!  It’s like the lake is swallowing up land.  But, it is a great lake for Walleye fishing.

Building up the land...so people can still get around!
We finally made it!  Steve and Mur-Man celebrating!

I am looking forward to my week at the lake.  WOMS—I WILL BE LIVE FROM THE LAKE!

Lots will be happening and here is what you can expect:
Great food—I will even share some cabin recipe FAVES

Rummage Sales
Thrift Stores

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