July 14, 2011


Posted by Ethne~

Who is with me in being really ticked off at the Minnesota government right now?  Our government has been shut down for 14 days now, and I won't even try to list all of the ways this is affecting our state.

The individuals involved in the stand-off, ie governor and legislature, are touting themselves as 'sticking to their guns' on the issues they ran on.  Well, wake-up call!  You were also voted in to do a job, and if the government is shutting down, you aren't doing your job.  Sure, Minnesotans want their politicians to follow the principles they run on.  But not at the expense of nothing working at all. 

My family is personally affected by the shut-down, and let me tell you this is hard on every single family, whether a government worker or not.  There will be disastrous consequences for a long time to come, and each day we become less and less hopeful that it will end soon. 

The Courts were petitioned to intervene as to key services which should stay open, but while the Court sympathized, it stated that its role was not to force these determinations.  That's the right call by the judicial branch, but it still sucks.

Wanna know the best part?  Right after these yay-hoos shut down the government, they went on their July 4th break!!  Don't ya think they should've been working on a resolution?
So I say, REVOLT!  If you can't do your job, we'll hire someone who will. 

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