July 22, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Today is our last day at the lake…and we are sad, but refreshed.  What a FABULOUS VACATION!

And…one of our favorite things to do in Devils Lake, ND is hit the local thrift stores. 
Crafty G-Ma checking out the racks!
Little J loves to read--thrift stores are a GREAT option for CHEAP BOOKS!
DL doesn’t have just one thrift store…or two…it has three!  And my family thinks that these stores are a local gold-mine.  FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH GREAT ITEMS!

Crafty G-Ma score with white cotton shirts for Dad (they look like BRAND NEW) and men’s ties that will be used to make a future craft (be on the lookout on WOM-MOM IN THE NEAR FUTURE). 

My mom would be SWIMMING in that shirt!

 Lisa (my sis) scored LOTS OF ITEMS.  Some highlights included shimmery trimmed denim jeans, like-new (and we actually think new) shoes (ADORABLE), clothes for the boys, necklace, and a frame. 
Sorry Eth...Lisa bought this for her bestie!
Brand new!  Tag still on!  And ONLY $2.50!
I scored some awesome items including A-DOR-A-BLE clothes for my Mur-Man.  Seriously, they ranged in price from fifty cents up to two dollars.  And I also found a leap from learning/music table for my girlfriend that is due yesterday…we are on baby watch.  This item cost ONLY $5.00 and is like new!  A TOTAL STEAL!
Check-out those adorable pants on top!  $2.00--and like new!
$4.99!  Mur-Man loves his....so will Jen's new baby (when he/she arrives)!
Friends, hit your local thrift store.  You never know what you will find.  Dig and dig deep…because you may find the one and only item that you have been looking for.

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