July 26, 2011

TUESDAY AT NOON: Ethne on...TC's Wedding!

Posted by Ethne~

Since I told you here about TS’s wedding last weekend to BC, I thought I should give you the deets.

Special Guest Steph and fam came to town (naturally I snatched up baby EK and didn’t put her down till it was time for Steph to nurse…my boobs are on hiatus).  CH and her husband CH came, and Shaun, the girls, Thrifty Nana (my mom) and I were all in attendance.  We were thick as thieves.

Fellow Thieves: I stole Baby E

Seeing as T & B are on 4 different hockey leagues, all of whom were invited, we didn’t know very many people there.  That didn’t really matter tho.  We just yapped it up the whole night.  I semi-watched my children, glad that there were multiple other youngsters there to distract them and ease me of my parental responsibilities.

AK and Easy Mac: I see an arranged marriage in their future.
Thrifty Nana facilitated this - Easy Mac was thrilled!

Lots of other kids to play with -
AK was having none of it!

TC looked FAB-U-LOUS!  She is lucky enough to have long legs, a slender waist, gorgeous long brown hair and a nice rack.  BC, you totally lucked out with this babe – she is a catch!

CH and bride TC - aren't they gorgeous?

It was also awesome that I got to catch up with TC’s older sister BN.  Since TC and I grew up from 2nd grade on just three houses apart from each other (CH was across the street), BN was thoroughly annoyed with me on many occasions, I’m sure.  Now that we’re adults, I think she doesn’t mind me so much. J  Her kids B, A and L are adorable, of course.

And one of the best things of all was seeing my 2nd set of parents growing up – TC’s mom and dad, BS & LS.  I knew the code to their garage door, so I let myself in any old time I wanted.  I raided their fridge and did other things that only I could get away with.  They probably wouldn’t even let TC get away with what they let me get away with.  I adore them.  Since my mom and dad have now moved away from Williston, I don’t get home much anymore, so these times are too few and far between.

BS and me - Easy Mac was nearly asleep.

Let’s face it, though, here’s the real secret: BS brought me the best thing in the whole wide world – her homemade pickles.  She knew from the start that her pickles were the way to my heart.

These Three = Pickle Thieves!

Thanks for hosting a fab event T & B!  It was great to see my bff’s (and revv ourselves up for GT ’11) and hometown fam. 

BFF's - we missed u Lori!

Best of all, I got to dress up in my new dress and fill the bodice in with my sweet Bombshell cleavage.  If TC hadn’t looked so gorgeous, I would’ve been mistaken for the bride, I’m sure of it.

Shaun, CH, CH and me ~
I wouldn't have filled out my dress without the BOMBSHELL!
Thrifty Nana and the girls dressed up too!
Easy Mac - cooperate!
KD - pay attention!

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