May 29, 2013

The Pintester Movement - Homemade Jewelry Cleaner!

Posted by Ethne~

Holy $h*tsnacks, dudes, Pintester is having a challenge!  It’s the Pintester Movement, y’all. 

You know Lori and I love a challenge; as a matter of fact, we love finding Pinterest challenges, like here and here, and reporting to you guys about it.  Our husbands also love when we do these projects.  Like, they throw up in their mouths when they hear a new craft is afoot.

This is a dramatic reenactment of the look Lori and I receive from our husbands when we tell them we have a new project to do.  Gracias to this tiger from the Omaha Zoo for his mad skilz at husband-facial-impressions.

But unlike normal challenges, Pintester practically begs you to FAIL at pins.  That’s not the full truth.  I’m fairly certain she said she’d take successes and failures from us Pintestes, but since lots of her tests are flops and I enjoy laughing at her flops, I figure TEST FAIL is a fine goal range for the Pintester Movement.

I wanted to keep in the spirit of Pintester – my interpretation anyway. She tests stuff she pins that is either so stupid she has to try it on our behalf or stuff that we all wish we were already trying ourselves.  Throw in a whole lot of substitutions (she doesn’t go out of her way to buy ingredients for tests), some alcohol and (my fave) a lot of cussing and you’ve got a winner.  So for picking my test, I wanted to use something I had already seen/pinned on Pinterest and wanted to try; and I didn’t want to have to go out of my way to procure ingredients.  Also if the test failed, that would be totally rad.

I looked at a few baking options and narrowed down to these delicious-looking sugar cookies or homemade peanut-butter cups, but I’m not total crap at baking, so there wasn’t enough of a window for failing.  I therefore decided on a few projects related to cleaning (which I am crap at) with baking soda.  One involves making homemade jewelry cleaner, originally pinned from here.

I wear my Pandora bracelet, wedding ring and a right-hand ring every day.  I never take my rings off unless I’m making meatloaf.  They could use a cleaning; the Pandora silver is pretty tarnish-resistant (they made their own sterling silver concoction apparently, no lie) but I still wear it everyday so it's probably loaded with germs for starters.  (I didn’t clean the charms because the reviews for this cleaning recipe said that it can remove the intentional oxidation/black shading on stuff like my charms and I didn’t want that to happen.)

I cooked 1 cup of water for 2 minutes in the microwave, and prepped my cereal bowl with a piece of tin foil to fit in it.  When the water was ready, I put it in the bowl, added the 1 T salt, 1 T baking soda and 1 T Dawn dishsoap and stirred it around till it was mixed up.  Then I put the tin foil into the bowl and placed my jewelry pieces on top of it.

I let things sit for the full 10 minutes.  While it worked its magic (and it worked, check out the pictures), Shaun said, “why do you always do stuff that smells like farts?”  He wasn’t kidding.  Whatever was going on in that bowl smelled like a$$. 

That black stuff on the cloth rubbed off the bracelets.


So, since this test totally worked, and I completely recommend it, I’m sorry to report that it’s not a fail.  To make up for any disappointment, I’ve attached this here link to when I tested that homemade leg wax on myself.  That was proper failure.


JRose said...

So hot fart soap water (plus aluminum foil) cleans jewelry. Good to know. Now off to read your leg waxing adventure.

Sonja Foust said...

OMG, Jodee, hot fart soap water. I'm dying. And I loved this test and now will have to try it. Thanks for doing it and thanks for participating! And sorry your house probably still smells like farts...

Ethne @ Wom-Mom said...

Ha! Too right it does.

Beth Caudill said...

Sounds simple enough. I like my jewelry shiny and pretty. Great job despite not having a pin fail.

Unknown said...

So great that it worked!! Your blog is just as fun to read as Sonja's.

Linda Childers said...

Thanks for trying this. I have an electronic jewelry cleaner and this sounds like the perfect stuff to use in it. (Except for the fart part;-)

WOM-MOMS said...

Thanks everybody! This was what I consider a rare Pinterest success. Awesome as I consider Pinterest, as I've commented on Pintester before, it seems that a good hunk of pins are straight up lies. Like that crap ever works in REAL life. ;)

Kristina said...

Hello from IHeart Organizing's link up! Please follow back if you have the chance. Have a great day :)