July 22, 2011


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This is my final "live from the lake" post.  I am actually sitting in my little city, ND living room writing this final post and remembering my week at the lake.  GOOD TIMES! 

This is actually a craft that I started on father's day and was supposed to be part of Steve's gift.  However, my retro sewing machine just wasn't having it.  Too many layers to sew!  And so, I asked Crafty G-Ma to help me out with this project and she brought her "high-tech" machine to the lake.  And it worked slick.  SUPER EASY!  WOMS--YOU NEED TO MAKE THESE TOO!  ADORABLE!

Mom sewing at the lake!
As you know my husband rocks a dress shirt, blazer, and jeans.  But he also has a fun side too!  And so when I saw Dino sweatshirts…I knew Mur-Man needed one, but Steve needed one to match too.
And yes, he will wear it!  I KNOW IT!
All it takes is a hooded sweatshirt (which luckily I already had in Steve’s stash and Mur-Man’s stash) and a strip of fleece (long enough to go from the edge of the hood to the bottom of the sweatshirt at the waist).  I ended up buying a remnant of fabric that cost me just under $3.50.  Pretty THRIFTY!
To make the sweatshirt—first up create your pattern.  I opted to do the spiked back tail and using a ruler made my parts equal.  You will want to leave an inch at the bottom for sewing purposes. 

Mur-Man's dino pattern
Fold your fleece in half and cut your pattern (make sure you have enough to span the sweatshirt).

I opted to use orange fleece. 
Next up, cut your sweatshirt in half.  I used pins to make sure the halves were equal. 

Two equal parts.
In addition, Mur-Man’s sweatshirt had lining (my recommendation is to go with a non-lined sweatshirt…it gets really bulky), but to eliminate that problem…I simply cut the lining out.

Fold right sides together with your fleece placed in the center and sew.

Ready to add the other side and sew!
I found that the hardest part of this project was sewing the sweatshirt back together because of the thickness of the fabric and fleece.  Make sure you have a good needle and a good machine! 

Those are Crafty G-Ma's hands...she had to step in and
sew the thick parts of the sweatshirt with her machine
And so, Steve and Mur-Man finally got their matching sweatshirts!  They even modeled them at the cabin!  My two men ROCK THEIR SWEATSHIRTS!

My models

The back view

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