July 5, 2011


Posted by Lori and Ethne~
As you gathered, Ethne and I have been watching the Casey Anthony trial since the beginning.  Even pre-trial, pre-charges, we were watching it when Caylee went missing.  We watched the lies unfold, the drama surrounding the case, and most of all our hearts broke when that sweet girl’s remains were found.
Today, the jury came back with a verdict.  Not guilty on the murder charges.  There will be no death penalty or no life in prison for Casey Anthony.  Casey was found guilty on four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement official (which equals up to a four years in jail MAX or one year/count).  (Of course she was found guilty of that—SHE LIED, AND LIED, AND LIED!  EVEN HER ATTORNEY’S ADMITTED SHE LIED).  And of course she has been in jail for over three years, so time served will probably be on the table. 
Casey Anthony could walk out of court a free women on Friday (Or could walk out a few months later). 

We are both in shock over the outcome of the trial.  More like jaws dropped on desks.  We both grieve for that beautiful little girl.  And there are so many questions not answered.  We grieve for the grandparents.  Their family is destroyed forever.
The jury did their job.  Their job was hard and we wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Our justice system has run its course and must be respected.
We don’t agree with the decision, but we both thought there was a chance it would go this way.  There was no cause of death and that made this trial difficult.
But most of all, today we are thinking of Caylee Marie Anthony.  We will go home tonight and give Mur-Man, Easy Mac, and KD an extra hug in honor of Caylee. 

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