July 10, 2011


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There are certain meals I HAVE TO HAVE when I go home and this meal is no exception for me!  It is a go-to favorite that my mom cooks up often and I L.O.V.E. it.  I have tried to duplicate it myself, but it is never as good as mom’s version!  Here it goes….
Supplies needed:
Whole chicken, cut up, skin on (I know…not as healthy, but the skin adds flavor).
Bisquick (LOVE IT!)
Clean your chicken, cut-up if necessary, and remove excess fat (but not the skin).

Mom and Dad preparing one of my FAVORITE MEALS!

Ideally, place your chicken in a pressure cooker (which my mom owns and I do not). 

If you are using the pressure cooker method…place chicken in pot with about ½ cup to a cup of water and add salt. 

Put the lid on the pot and heat up until steam begins to come out—you will then add the pressure weight and adjust. 

Steams coming out--time to add the pressure weight

Cook for 20 minutes, remove lid, and let the steam go down. 
This can also be done without a pressure cooker…place chicken in pot with about ½ cup to a cup of water.  Put the lid on the pot and bring to a low boil.  Cook until the chicken is tender and done (this will probably take a few hours…you will need to test, because mom has ONLY used a pressure cooker for this recipe). 
Next, you will want to mix-up your dumplings following the Bisquick recipe (located on the back of the box).  Plan accordingly.  I would encourage extras for leftovers!  TRUST ME...YOU WILL WANT THEM!

Remove some chicken from your pot, add some more water, and cook a little longer to flavor the base.  Next, you can spoon in the dumplings. 

Cook uncovered for 10 minutes and covered for 10 minutes.

Your meal is ready to serve.  Serve in separate bowls and the best part is the liquid left in the chicken is great and serves as gravy for your dumplings.  Nothing is better! 

Mom used to serve this meal with home-made straight from the garden green beans (but several years ago my moms decided to simply her life and eliminate her garden!)  Canned beans will also work!  ENJOY!

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