July 29, 2011


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Hey Friends!  Today Lori and I are on our way to DL, MN (not to be confused with DL, ND where Lori and fam vacationed last week)!!  We are so excited we might pee our pants.

Sadly, I don’t have any time off from work to arrive on Thursday like TC, Special Guest Steph and CH did.  It worked last year but not this year.  I’m certain they won’t do anything that we’ll miss out on.

Wouldn't want to miss out on learning
how to "trill" wine like last year

What’s in store?  Well, a few things are secret, but some things we do can be shared!!

We are going to make a theme meal, and since the cabin we’re renting has a grill (and A/C, we double-checked this week), our theme this year is grilling!  Not just cooking chicken, but we want to be creative.  We’ll see!  We might try our hand at making ice cream and I am bringing the best chocolate cake in the whole wide world.


We usually have a house cocktail, which may or may not contain spirits, to imbibe upon at a whim.

We usually bring each other little presents.  That’s always a fun surprise!

There will definitely be some sun-bathing and relaxing.  I feel rather gross in a bathing suit, but I am POSITIVE that the fake tan I will be applying just before we leave for DL will ensure that my legs will not be Purple People Eater white.  Plus, I got a new bathing suit which is as flattering as can be.

Not flattering

There will most assuredly be a trip for pizza and people-watching at the local Zorbaz.  It’s a DL and Brainerd requirement when vacationing up north.

Most definitely, CH will be bringing yearbooks and photo albums going back to ancient times, so we will gab and gossip like we still live across the street from each other and have never left.  No time could pass at all.

Have a wonderful weekend, Friends!  But I bet ours will be better!!!

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