July 25, 2011


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T-minus four days till Girls Trip 2011!  This weekend is one of my favorite of the whole year; when we get home, we post the pictures of the trip on Facebook and analyze them multiple times then start the countdown for next year.

I think that Lori and I will not go ‘live’ from GT in deference to Special Guest Steph, TSC and CH, and mostly because what happens at GT is sacred.  BUT, we do plan on doing a few fun girlfriend-only things that we’ll share with you.  Certainly TC’s wedding from last weekend will be a topic of discussion and picture-sharing!

CH, Special Guest Steph, TC and me (with EK)!

Friends, this is a WOM-NECESSITY.  We love our children and our husbands, but there is something about a girl’s best friends that is extraordinary.  I just love Lori, Special Guest Steph, TC and CH.  This brief respite from our daily lives and jobs is phenomenal.

Lori's and my last get-together was only 2 hours!  Too short!

Growing up together is just one of the things that makes this special.  We cheered together (yeah, all of us!) for WHS basketball, football and wrestling.  We go through our old yearbooks and talk about what our classmates are up to.  (GOSSIP, HELLO?) 

And no GT would be right without a pizza at Zorbaz.  Zeriouzly, it’z ridiculouz.

We have big plans.  One year we plan to hit up NYC (when Lori and I are on the Today Show with WOM) and another year we’re going to take on Europe (we’ll have tea with Wills and Kate).
One way or another, I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  See you soon ladies!

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