July 31, 2011


Posted by Lori~

My brother’s girlfriend Dena makes an AWESOME fruit pizza.  Check it out!  BEAUTIFUL!
This pizza was served at the lake!  IT'S TRULY ART!
Fruit pizza sheet-cake style!  AWESOME!
But recently, while at the lake…Dena had leftover cookie dough (she actually uses the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough you buy in a tube).  She used this dough to make cookies and the kids made their OWN mini fruit pizzas.  What a fun project, fun KID'S cooking idea, and the best is that it involves fruit (HEALTHY).  i am sure Ethne’s girls will be doing this WOM-PROJECT VERY SOON!

Cousins A and A making their pizzas!  They look so HAPPY!

Thanks friend and WOM-MOM FOLLOWER Dena for this tip!  IT’S TRULY WOM-WORTHY!

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