July 15, 2011


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Loads of fun things are happening for these WOMS!

Lori, Steve and Mur-Man are heading to DL, ND for their annual family cabin weekend.  I can’t wait to see what mischief crafts Lori and her mom (Crafty G-ma) get into.  I think Lori talked her into bringing her super fancy sewing machine!!

Lori and Crafty Grandma!  Miss you CG!

My mom (Thrifty Nana) got a new dog!  Her dog Lewis, bless him, went to doggie heaven in May.  He was so wonderful – a herding dog (Bearded Collie) who kept a close eye on KD and Easy Mac at all times.  TN’s new dog is named Bella.  She is a Lakeland Terrier and looks a bit like a poodle with her curly hair, and perhaps a little Jack Russell Terrier mixed in if you know what they look like.  My best suggestion: google it!  I’ll post some pictures when I have them.  Bella will be a little house dog for TN, and that will be great.  I’m all for a dog you can carry under your arm.  Sweet Baby T-Rex allows me to carry him around like a dog, which I think is ROCK ON AWESOME considering he is a cat.

Sweet Roger!

[Of course TN and I LOVE the fact that Bella has this name since Twilight is one of our very favorite books/movies EVER.  I tried telling Shaun that we would name our next cat Edward but he immediately vetoed that brilliant plan.  So I’m back to ‘Texas Ranger’ for my next cat’s name.  As in ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’.  As in the movie ‘Talladega Nights’.  OMG, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must watch that movie STAT!]

Oh Edward!
In the name of my beloved Baby T-Rex, Bella and, of course, Lori’s awesome dog Roger, I am going to make homemade cat and dog treats this weekend…in all my spare time.  Theodore has chronic kidney disease – don’t worry, his doctor and I are monitoring it closely.  I want to make sure his treats are kidney friendly, seeing as I go to the extreme of buying prescription cat food already.  Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that homemade pet treats are THRIFTIER than store-bought ones.  STAY POSTED!

I <3 Theodore.

And one of the bestest things of all is that one of our very best friends (as in GT best friend), TS is marrying BC this weekend and we will be there to celebrate.  That’s right – the whole crew – Shaun, Easy Mac, KD and Thrifty Nana.  GT BFF’s CH and Special Guest Steph will also be in attendance and I CAN’T WAIT!!  [TS, CH and Special Guest Steph and I grew up within 3 blocks of each other hence BFF status!]  And guess what, we are on the verge of Girl’s Trip 2011 – the time is almost here!!!

In all of my benevolence, I have permitted TS and BC to have their wedding reception (they’re actually getting married tomorrow) on Saturday, which is Shaun’s and my 6-year wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe it!  It’s supposed to be superty-duperty hot and humid, which is fitting since our wedding day was the hottest day of 2005.

The gals minus Lori - Bride TS is on the left!

So what am I up to tonite?  I painted my nails OPI’s ‘flashbulb fuscia’ which is one of the best nail colors EVER.  Fingers and toes, Friends, will be ready for the par-tay this weekend.  AND, I just tried out my sunless tanning mist by Neutrogena again.  Remember here where I tried it and looked ridiculous?  Well, I sprayed it liberally and RUBBED IT IN this time.  I’ll have to report in.  If it’s good, I’ll do another ‘Adventures in Sunless Tanning’ post, so you can see me in all my golden glory.  If it’s bad and I look ridiculous again, you’ll surely see that too.

'Flashbulb Fuscia' matches my dress
for Whit's wedding.  Wind took out my face for this shot.
Let's hope I don't look this ridiculous again.

One other thing: do any of you have dark skin patches on your faces from during/after your pregnancies?  My co-worker KA says these are called ‘melasmas’ and I believe her, having not googled this crappy phenomenon myself.  Anywho, my sis Whit got me a skin bleaching treatment by Murad.  I am obviously going to do this very carefully.  I DO NOT want to walk around with a bleach spot near my eye, cuz wouldn’t that be worse than a darkish spot?  You decide.  So you’ll be hearing about this adventure too.

See the darkness below and to the right
of my eye in this picture?  See-ya!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I hope you stay cool and enjoy Lori’s ‘CABIN WEEK LIVE’ next week!  

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