July 14, 2011


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As you recall here, Steve, Mur-Man, and I (and even Roger) had a wonderful July 4 weekend in Detroit Lakes, MN!  As part of our adventure we hit the local flea market.  It was packed!  Actually July 4 weekend is one of the busiest flea market weekends in Detroit Lakes.
Mur-Man caught a ride from Grandpa! 
For those of you in MN, ND, or the area (or major country music fans), this flea market is located near the home of We-Fest (I believe the largest country music fest in the country, but don’t quote me on that).  We-Fest camping remains on my bucket list and Ethne (I will drag her) and I will end up there sometime.  I have been to We-Fest, but I have never actually camped at We-Fest and I believe that is the key to the true experience! (Pretty sure Ethne and I could snag the mother-load of wrangler patches too!)

As far as the flea market…not super successful.  Actually, the only item purchased was a snow cone.  But, lots of inspiration.  Check out the photos below!
Steve eyed this accordian!  Purchase was a NO-GO however!
Bottle cap jewelry--future post WOM-MOMS!
Cool purses--I especially like the one on the end with the pinwheels!  VERY COOL!
Snow cone break--it was a scorcher!
Chalkboard paint jar (you could make this!)
I spotted these from a mile away!
Handy G-Pa:  Get ready to re-create these!

It was a major fun trip to the flea market!  I am off to Devils Lake (the DL of ND) for the week with my family.  Half of WOM-MOM will be live from the lake. Lots to report!

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Katie said...

I'm always amazed what people create, come up with and sell these days! Very creative. Enjoy the lake. The BIG BIG and growing lake of North Dakota.