July 21, 2011


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Last year the lake monster “appeared”.  I am not sure how Steve, Lisa, Darin, and I devised this plan.  But…it consisted of little J throwing a piece of bologna in the lake and soon after a prize would come floating to the surface.

The kids asked if the “lake monster” was returning…and guess what—he came back!

One piece of bologna and prizes came!  (I am not sure if the kids know that he isn’t “real”).  But it is still fun.  Something the kids look forward to every year…and all it costs us is one piece of bologna and a few prizes.  SIMPLE AFORDABLE FUN!
Little J and P getting their prizes

Little J close up--ADORABLE!
P close up--equally ADORABLE!
Dena and Mur-Man look on (Mur-Man is constantly pointing!)
Last night—it was like there was A “MONSTER” in the lake.  The waves came, the wind came, and it was like swimming in the ocean.  Steve convinced me (even though I was completely fried from the sun—major sunburn ( and yes, I wore SPF 55, but missed a few spots)) and I even jumped a few waves.
The boys and their cousins playing in the waves!
Little J jumping the waves--seriously it was like the ocean!
Steve took the tube for a ride!
TOTAL FUN!  Tonight is our last night at the lake.  More LIVE FROM THE LAKE posts, but our trip is winding down!  We are having a fish fry, a family photo, and high school Bestie Kelly is visiting the cabin!

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