June 17, 2014


Posted by Lori~

This is the before shot of the back of our house...not too bad.  Major burn marks on the lawn (thank you dogs) and honestly a super small concrete slab (that came with the house).

Enough of this....

This is another view of the side of the house....

 And...this is where we are going!

Here is the plan:

We are removing the concrete slab, installing an egress window, re-pouring a much larger concrete slab, and adding a large pergola!  I CAN'T WAIT! 

We also have a large shed being built (Thank you Hutterites!) and delivered next week.  It will be installed next to the fence (where the shrubs were removed). It will be the most beautiful shed with windows, window boxes, a barn door, and so much more!

Enjoy the before...I can't wait to show you the after (and I can't wait for it to be done)!

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