June 20, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Steve, Mur-Man, and I recently went to little town, ND (AKA Rutland, ND) to visit Steve’s family farm.  We of course headed into town to Saturday morning breakfast (a ritual in ANY ND town).  Mur-Man was a hit, the food was a hit, and afterwards we hit THE PARSONAGE. 

The Parsonage is located on Main Street and actually served as the local church parsonage back in the day.  Some local ladies recently turned “the original parsonage” into a crafting and antiquing store.  Of course, I can’t drive by a craft shop without a quick stop!

Mur-man and Grandma LOVED the porch swing and I LOVED what was inside. 
Mur-Man and Grandma Cher
LOTS of crafting ideas!  Check them out here:
Crayon Bag (remember Ethne's crayon roll-up)
Travel jewerly bag

Scrappy fabric curtain

Christmas banner using sales tags!

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