June 9, 2011


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It’s time for part two of my WOM-FILLED craft weekend (AKA Memorial Day weekend with Crafty G-Ma (my mom))!  I brought two craft ideas to my hometown…both came from a recent crash of my girlfriend Holly’s house!  I have already highlighted one craft—remember the tooth fairy pillow
This craft was also a major hit.  It’s a rice-filled frog (or it also serves as a heating pad or cooling pad). Throw it in the microwave and you have instant heat (perfect for a child with an ear ache).  Throw it in the fridge and it is a cooling pad.  My girlfriend Crafty Katie made me something similar, rice filled neck warmer/cooler (hopefully future post) and trust me….it was my saving grace when Mur-Man was born. Thank you Katie—you have no idea how much I L.O.V.ED (and needed) IT!  

I brought the frog to Williston and my mom (Crafty G-Ma) and I went to town.  The best part is that it is made with SCRAPS of fabric (different styles and different patterns), four buttons, and filled with rice.  My mom had all the scraps and flannel to make the back, so my ONLY expense was rice (which coincidently I already had in my cupboard).  FREE!  FREE!  FREE!
To make the frog, I first traced Holly’s frog to create a pattern (and like the tooth fairy pillow—folded the pattern in half to create two equal sides). 

Crafty G-Ma and I chose to use flannel for the back of the frog (cut one).  As you can see the front of the frog is created using scraps of fabric.  Crafty G-ma taught me the crazy quilting method.
Cut out the front of the frog using a scrap piece of low-quality fabric (we used plain white cotton).  Next up, start CRAZY QUILTING.  Lay a scrap of fabric on your cotton (right sides together) and sew down one side using a ¼ inch seam, fold back over, and iron flat. 
 Take your next piece of fabric and sew down one side using a ¼ inch seam, fold back over, and iron flat. 
Next up, trim the excess. 
Keep in mind, you want to sew your fabrics haphazardly, so that you do not create straight patterns, but instead lots of variety.  (Crafty G-Ma chose to cut a square of fabric, follow the crazy quilting pattern, and then cut out the frog pattern).  We found that both crazy quilting options worked great. 

Sew your frog wrong sides together, leaving a gap to stuff with rice (You will have a rough edge, but that adds character to your frog).  Sew on your buttons (you choose the color).  We used two buttons per eye. 

Fill with rice (make sure you shake rice into feet and arms).  Sew up your gap.

Mur-Man already loves his frog! Lots of hugs and kisses for his CRAZY FROG!

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