April 18, 2011

CRASH MY STASH: Crayon Roll-up!

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Let’s delve into our craft stash and do some crafts for free + clear out a little of the old.

For this little sweetie, you can do an online search for crayon roll-ups, and you’ll find loads of options for making them.  I roved around the internet super-highway until I saw enough to figure it out for myself.

Crayon cutie

This is a super THRIFTY, super EASY, super FAST project; you don’t need any complex sewing skills, you can do it in about an hour or less, and you can pretty much use scraps of fabric to make it.

Look at this crazy combo!

Well, that was just the mission for me.  KD and Easy Mac watch plenty of TV (not excessive, but they’re not missing out either), so I’m always looking for other activities for them.  I have coloring, reading and activity books, play things and Crayola Color Wonder utensils on hand at all times.  (I also have my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - Target generic works too - on hand at all times because the girls are totally into writing on the walls, counters, themselves, and even our LCD TV last weekend.  It is magic, I can say that.)

A crayon roll-up will be just the ticket for me to pull out whenever creativity strikes, they need a diversion, or we’re out and about (no I did not just say that with a Minnesota accent).  And hello, super cute!

Guess what?  I didn’t need to buy a thing because I had everything on hand in my stash.  This is what you’ll need:

One 18”x6” rectangle of iron-on interfacing (from my birdie sling)
Three 18”x6” rectangles of three different fabrics (random fat quarter extras)
One 20” piece of ribbon (from my wedding crafts)
Sewing machine

Pick out the fabric you want to be the back of the roll-up (the one that will be the outside and visible when it’s rolled up).  Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of this fabric.

Pick out the fabric you want to be the crayon pocket and iron it in half lengthwise.  Pin this fabric onto the rectangle that will be the lining.

Liner and pocket rectangles ready to rock 'n roll sew

Sew the pocket fabric onto the lining fabric in lines 1” apart from each other.  Snip the threads when you’re all done. 

Lines sewn 1" apart

Fold the ribbon in half the long way and sew that onto the center edge of one of the long sides of the crayon pocket rectangle, with the ribbon ends facing in.  Use 1/8" seam allowance for this.

Put the good sides of the crayon pocket rectangle and the outside-interfacing piece together.  Stitch around the entire rectangle sandwich, leaving a 3” opening at the bottom to turn it right-side-out.  I used a ¼” seam allowance and double stitched at both ends of the opening.

Sandwich getting stitched up

Turn the roll-up to the right side, push out the corners, and iron.  Stitch around the whole rectangle again at the very edge (1/8”) and this will look finished and will also close up the turning hole.

Fill with crayons, tie and done!

Gonna get some new Twist-up crayons-
I checked to make sure they'll fit before sewing

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post about a THRIFTY Easter basket -  this is going to be one of the thrifty gifts from the Easter bunny!
Crayon me

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