June 24, 2011


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Yes, we were those girls…those giggly girls that thought anything and everything was funny.  I am still that girl who laughs at the MOST inappropriate times!  In high school, I would get the giggles mid-milk gulp at the kitchen table and would either have to spit my milk into the sink or have my milk fly out of my nose.  Ethne---is the SAME!  That’s why we fit!

8th grade band (notice Ethne in the red shorts)
Also, check-out the awesome sound-proof carpeted walls
Recently I was on a visit to my hometown of Williston, ND (Ethne and I have fond memories and feel lucky to have grown up there).  While there, my family and I made the important stop at Grandma Sharon’s restaurant for breakfast/lunch.  (You guessed it…they have FABULOUS RANCH AND BREWED ICED TEA!).

A family trip to Colorado--I'm the little one!
My brother was there, Steve, Mur-Man, mom, dad, and my nephew J.  Lisa, my sis, unfortunately had to work.  She recently got a job doing taxi dispatch from home.  You see—Williston is in the middle of a major oil boom and the city is FULL OF LIFE!  I had a plan…we MUST prank call my sister!  Lyle was the genius that knew how to turn off the caller ID and we knew he MUST make the call (my giggles would be a dead-giveaway).  I am not going to go into the specifics of that call, but let’s just say she totally bought it and it went on and on for quite some time.  My mom and dad both had tears rolling down their cheeks from laughing.  We couldn’t stop laughing and Lisa was a good sport.

My first Christmas
But, this prank made me think of other prank calls (people...this was pre-cell phone era).  I would get on a phone, Ethne would grab a phone, and most likely another friend would grab another phone and we would all listen in while someone dialed.  (I am by no means encouraging this behavior, but rioting is our specialty).  Our favorite number to dial was of course….. 1-800-tampons.  Yes, they had a help line and we came up with some pretty crazy questions (not even going there).  Basically the calls consisted of lots of rioting, lots of tears of laughter, and lots of fun.  Maybe that’s how I maintained my high school figure back in the day—so much laughing my belly hurt and my cheeks hurt! 

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