June 28, 2011


Posted by Lori~
You may have noticed that in some photos my body positioning isn’t completely natural.  Yes, I am that girl who will take photo after photo to ensure that my head is in the proper position to eliminate…..(drum roll)….the DOUBLE-CHIN!  I have it and I HATE IT!  On occasion I will even use my son’s head to hide my chin (it’s like Mur-Man is a prop).

I demanded we take this photo at least 10 times (or until my chin looks just right)
Ethne is blessed--no double-chin!
I always tell Ethne that if we strike it big someday with WOM-MOM, this double chin is gone!  Who knows…maybe we will be like Martha Stewart or maybe Nancy Grace (remember Women on a Mission:  Crime Edition), then I will have plastic surgery to eliminate my extra chin!  I HATE IT!

That was then (pre-double chin!)
That's me dying on the wild thing roller coaster from the weekend!
I couldn't open my eyes!  NEVER AGAIN!  Notice--Steve LOVED it!
I do know that if I dropped a few pounds and QUANTUM LEAPED back to 1996...then my chin would go away.  But for that to happen major things have to occur!  And who knows…when that will happen! 
For now, I will have to continue to position my head and analyze each and every photo on wom-mom to ensure that my chin looks WOM-WORTHY!  Ethne knows…what can make the cut! 
I look forward to the day when I can proudly smile with no chin issue.  SOON IT WILL HAPPEN!  VERY SOON!


Laura said...

Lori, honey, you look TERRIFIED! This photo is way, way too funny! Good for you for getting on the roller coaster in the first place!

WOM-MOMS said...

Lori, next time, I'll go on the roller coaster with Steve. I love roller coasters, you wimp! :) E