June 10, 2011


Posted by Lori~
We closed on our house during a January and we toured and made an offer during a winter month.  I had no idea what my yard would look like.  What would the snow melt reveal?
To be honest—I have been pleased.  The yard looks beautiful and better yet, it is filled with perennials—no need to plant much each and every year.  (PERENNIALS ARE TIME SAVING AND AFFORDABLE). 

Come back each and every year.  All I have to do is WEED!

Winter has been long, but finally this past weekend I took a trip to my little city, ND Wal-Mart greenhouse and picked up:  two spikes, moisture control potting soil, and two geraniums. I also picked up seed packets of basil, onion chives, and cilantro (those will be planted in around two weeks).
I love geraniums and spikes, because they are EASY to care for. Last summer I planted the same items and I didn’t kill them.  If it works—don’t change it!  And so I opted for the same plants in my planter.  Better yet— I ONLY spend $20.00 for all items. 
A little money adds a lot of curb appeal!
Of course there will be more updates on my yard (my garden plans, our new swing set, flowerboxes and so much more!)  (Actually—I think MAJOR updates, but Steve doesn’t need to know that).  SPRING IS TRULY HERE!

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R Darling said...

You can re-pot your geraniums and keep them in your house over the colder months. Then in the spring/summer place the pot outside or replant w/new spikes.
I just keep mine in the same pot and bring them in/out each season. However, I do know there is information online on how to "winter" your geraniums.