June 30, 2011


Posted by Lori~

I love thrift stores, and so when Steve and I have a little extra time on our travel adventures, I always insist we hit up the local thrift store.  Recently, I hit up a thrift store in Fergus Falls, MN and I picked up a pair of sandals for Mur-Man.  You see, these shoes were filthy, but I knew they had major potential.  And better yet, they were on “sale” in a thrift store.  TOTAL COST 25 CENTS!
The shoes BEFORE!

I brought them home and knew that they would need a major cleaning job, but I also knew they would look “like new” when I was done!  First up, I looked for my stash of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (unfortunately, they were gone).  The erasers erase anything and everything.  But luckily I had Earth Brite.  This cleaning product also eliminates anything and everything.

I am always looking for ways to multi-task, so while I cleaned Mur-Man’s shoes…Mur-Man took a bath.  It worked perfect.
While Mur-Man's getting clean...the shoes are getting clean!
They turned out great (perfect for the lake) and better yet they cost me 25 cents!  ADORABLE AND AFFORDABLE!  NOTHINGS BETTER!
The shoes AFTER!  LIKE NEW!

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