June 19, 2011


Posted by Lori~

As you know, Steve and I are currently on an Eating out Ban (with a few exceptions)…you can read about it here.  And we are looking for creative and healthy home-cooked options (yes, for those of you living in my little city, ND town...we have cheated a few times, but are attempting to stay strong).

Reagen, our library friend, recently brought over the “Hungry Girl” cookbook, which is jam-packed with healthy food options.  One recipe is a cheese filled burger (or course—they recommend going bun-less, but we opted to eat the burger with the bun (actually bread)). 

We used the basic premise to make this burger with our own twist.  It is DE-LICIOUS!

This burger uses Laughing Cow cheese as the filling…those 35 calorie cheese wedges.  And one wedge is the perfect amount for the center.
This cheese makes an excellent snack!
Steve made four patties (two patties/burger) and seasoned to taste.  He then placed one laughing cow cheese in the center as well as chopped/fried bacon (we actually had left-over bacon from a previous meal and it worked great). 

Put the two burger patties together sealing the edges.  And grill until done.

While Steve is grilling, I like to toast the bun (we were out of hamburger buns, so instead we used bread (like a patty melt)).  I like to use sprayable butter…it works perfect for bun toasting (I use my MISTO for all other purposes). 

And put the oven on broil until golden brown.

These burgers were delicious (and healthier).  We opted to serve our burger with fresh fruit.  WONDERFUL!


Leah Beyer said...

They look fantastic...I am also sort of on a eating ban. Sort of sucks. Hope the scale appreciates my sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Lori, I have started using Neufchatel cheese for any any of my dips or recipes that call for cream cheese. It is found right next to the cream cheese in any grocery store. You would never know the difference in using it over American cream cheese. It is made out of whole milk rather than milk cream so it has way less calories and fat...plus you can even buy a lower calorie /fat version! It is also great because it seems to have more moisture to it...which means less time letting it sit at room temp to get soft before using it!

Nicole Volkart

Miz Helen said...

Your burgers looks awesome, wish I had a bite right now. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!
Miz Helen